Almost all of the fans on our list are practically silent with most of them having decibel levels of around 25 to 30 which is a little quieter than the noise of the average library. The product feels really well made. If you’re looking for a quiet fan, these are not it, but if you want fans that will quickly replenish the air in your case and keep your hardware cool then these are a good option. Size: 200mm. Your email address will not be published. If this is what you’re after, then the best RGB case fans for aesthetics are the Corsair LL120. This is important if you’re planning to use the fan to cool a radiator or a heatsink since these put a direct barrier in the path of the airflow. Yes, we are talking about RGB fans. Its thermally optimized copper plate with 0.15mm-thin micro channel, providing large cooling area and boosting heat exchange efficiency. Requires Addressable RGB motherboard or hub (H66F / H106C). There are a number of packages available including single, dual, or triple packs of the fans. Buying the 3 fan pack will save you a lot of money while also delivering well enough RGB lighting to satisfy. Corsair’s software allows for practically unlimited animations and color combinations using the 16 RGB LEDs on each fan. 120mm PWM ARGB PC Case Fan 4 Pin Addressable RGB Cooling Fan for CPU Cooler . In such casings, RGB Fans are the eye candy. Package included: Individually adressable RGB Case Fan 140mm x 2, Control Hub x1 Convex designed dual addressable RGB ring offered best lighting effect: convex design kept RGB lighting effect at a optimal point and left tolerance for other RGB components such as, mobo / ram / gpu, water cooling components, and SSD plate. All these questions will be answered momentarily. As a Senior Editor, I run, operate and implement a substantial amount of work at The MasterFan MF200R RGB is an outright best pick for a large 200mm fan for eye candy and performance. Best RGB Fans 2020 – Picks for Airflow, Radiators, and Budget, And in 2019, nothing says “cool” quite like RGB lighting… at least when it comes to RGB lighting. The Cooler Master MasterFan MF200R RGB is a thing of beauty. The circular addressable lighting effect is complemented with black fan blades to add that solid touch of RGB lighting in PC builds. This means that the fan has to push the air through or around the radiator or heatsink, which reduces the total airflow. sku: CO-9050091-WW. Whenever I am not at my work desk you'll find me tinkering around PC hardware and retro gadgets. When it comes to RGB, it’s mostly about the looks. Superior airflow. Most modern motherboards have adequate pmw/rgb fan headers to make extra hardware/software redundant. Corsair ML120 PRO RGB LED Magnetic Levitation Fan. These are good bonuses considering they cost marginally less than the competition. Very high airflow at 52.4 CFM and low noise levels as low as 22 dBA. So you’re probably now wondering why these aren’t at the absolute top of our list by now, and the answer is performance. These fans are controlled using a wireless remote rather than software, meaning you will have less control over the color and pattern of the lights. Cooler Master makes many things, keyboards, mouse, and other things, but their biggest products on the market are their cooling solutions and their Casings. The NZXT fan hub will have to be purchased separately in most cases. Shopping. It might be a confusing thing to decide between RGB Fans, what kinds of fans are there? These fans are available as both 120mm and 140mm versions, with the larger variants boasting greater airflow and static pressure at the same RPM and noise level. Your email address will not be published. Click to customize by processor,graphics card, and more! Larger fans can, as you probably already know, push more air through your case per minute. The Spectre™ Addressable RGB is the latest addition to the Spectre™ fan series. The SquA RGB addressable RGB fan series is equipped with a square-shaped frame powered by ENERMAX LED LIGHTING Technology, which provides incredibly bright and even lighting. As for the lights, these fans have a single light loop around the perimeter of the frame of the fan and lack any illumination within the fan blades themselves. Trying to become a cyber-renaissance man. Meanwhile, anti-vibration rubber pads keep the fan silent. The product will do you fine if you are on a tight budget. Is there any budget constriction? Corsair makes very quiet fans that offer good performance and look amazing, so you really can’t go wrong with these. The upHere RGB fans may not be the best or as good in quality or performance as the rest but they get the job done very well. Intel Reconfirms Xe DG2 GPU And Adds It Is Being Readied With 128 and 512 Execution Units? 120mm PWM ARGB PC Case Quiet Fan 4Pin Addressable RGB Cooling Fan for CPU Cooler. If you’re looking for the best airflow possible, then the NZXT Aer is a great option. These fans come either individually or as a triple pack, but unfortunately do not come with any kind of fan controller or hub, making it very important to ensure you have enough of the right kinds of connectors on your motherboard, or you’ll need to pick up a hub separately. How to Pick the Best RGB Fans for Your Needs, Almost all of the fans on our list are practically silent with most of them having decibel levels of around 25 to 30 which is a little quieter than the. While these fans don’t offer the most total airflow, they are incredibly quiet and offer excellent static pressure, the highest on our list in fact. Somewhere between Hideo Kojima and Linus Tech Tips. Access 16.8 million colors using compatible Addressable RGB motherboards including ASUS Aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light Sync, and Gigabyte RGB Fusion. If they used a better material for the LED panel cover it would have been nice. There is a light loop around the edge of the fan on both sides, which each contain 12 lights, and the final six are illuminating the fan blades themselves. This massive 200mm fan pushes almost as much air as the 140mm NZXT fan, but does so with much lower RPM, and consequently noise, thanks to its larger size. These are also some of the best fans in terms of cooling and noise levels. Chad Sebring. These elusive fans are pretty rare to spot, and counterintuitively are often found in smaller cases. This sort of makes these fans look unsmooth and low tier in some cases. Empowers You to the Next RGB Lighting Level, The Material of LIANLI LOGO is Aluminum Made by CNC Milling, Built-in 12 Addressable LEDs, Control the Lighting Effects with Just a Click, Addressable RGB effects, Synchronize Bora Digital with Motherboard by Connecting the 5V Addressable Header.Fluid Dynamic Bearing, Only Your RGB Wildness is Louder than the Bora Digital Fans. Build your dream gaming PC with iBUYPOWER. Opens image gallery. Size: 120, 140 and 200mm | Airflow: 41.14 CFM (max) | RPM: 500-1500 RPM | Noise: 25.2 dBA. X. The RGB colors of the Fan are extremely bright; this is a huge bonus as sometimes in some fans these might seem nonchalant. Size: 200mm | Airflow: 90 CFM | RPM: 800RPM ±150 | Noise: 28 dBA. Writing until my tendons hurt, overclocking until my CPU melts, and gaming until the sun comes up. None of the fans above fit everyone perfectly as everyone might have different needs. Premium product users might opt for NZXT or Corsair LL120 fans instead as they are deep pocket top of the line products. $11.59. They offer some interesting benefits though, so let’s take a look at why a 200mm RGB fans might be right for you. So as far as that goes, it might seem like Cooler Master has made this fan for their own PC casings since there are not many casings apart from theirs which has front space for large fans. Which is why today we’ve set out to find the best RGB fans on the market. NZXT has made a very huge name for them in the gaming industry by competing with the big boys like Corsair and Razer in terms of many different products. $10.78. 12CM RGB PC FAN 120mm fan with 6-Pin connector featuring a stylish Double RGB LED Ring Lighting design. The reason for that might be that these look different as they carry the trademark NZXT HUE RGB as well as the ring-like design that only NZXT has pulled off this effortlessly. [Fans] Antec Addressable RGB Fans, 120mm Case Fan, ARGB PC Fans, Infinity Series 3 Packs BOGO $54.99 = TOTAL OF 6 FANS Optimized blade design with updated curve that improves air flow and air pressure. The build quality is also mediocre at best but again this is not a big issue. It is a preference point as sometimes the NZXT fans do cost more than the Corsair ones. The cable that the Fans come with is very long at 900mm, it might be too long for many cases and this might cause issues with cable management inside the case. Supports up to 8 fans and 3 LED strips. Size: 120, 140mm | Airflow: 43.25 CFM | RPM: 600-1500 RPM | Noise: 24.8 dBA. is part of the BGFG family of websites. These fans sport a light ring inside the fan hub that shines light outward into the fan blades, while a second light loop on the outside of the frame of the fan adds an additional halo of stationary lights around the fan. Fan … The NZXT Aer RGB2 fans are some of the most luxury fans in the market today. Buying the 3 fan pack will save you a lot of money and give you further value. If you’re looking for the quietest fans possible though, then the upHere wireless RGB fans are a great option. InWin Jupiter AJ120 High Airflow Addressable RGB Fan Kit Review InWin's Jupiter AJ120 High Airflow Addressable RGB cooling fans get investigated right here. These are the only real outright competitors to the Corsair LL120 fans both in design and overall performance. It is extremely useful for placement in a mesh casing front, which Cooler Master specializes in. Want to control addressable RGB and your fans at the same time? It's the biggest hardware launch in an age! The NZXT Aer fans live up to their name with impressive airflow for their size. You're right about the lack of changing individual LEDs on RGB, sometimes called DRGB or FRGB. We would not say quiet, but it still is not too loud. The airflow of 90 CFM is absolutely possible with this RGB fan. The 120mm RGB fan pushes 52 ft3/min of air while the 140mm RGB fan moves an impressive 91 ft3/min. These fans get the job done in a very good price. The fan has two rings around it that delivers great and vibrant colors. The rubber mounts keep fan noise and vibration to a minimum while still providing strong efficient airflow. Nothing makes RGB speak out more than setting it up in an RGB setup, with a tempered glass casing. Once inside the casing, the build quality and standard will not make a difference s no one can focus on that through the RGB. This is enough airflow to keep even very high-end hardware cool and is the highest on our list. Another great option for those looking for a silent PC, but who are looking for a bit more quality out of their purchase, are the Corsair LL series fans. The AP124-ARGB is a SilverStone designed 120mm addressable RGB fan for the DIY enthusiasts. The dual-looped design provides users the option to install on either side. Traditional … So if you’re looking for a fan that can offer excellent cooling alongside nearly silent performance, then large fans might be worth checking out. Not everyone can afford to spend a fortune on luxury fans but most of us do have a dream to do so. Now that we’ve covered a fan for those just chasing after the most luminous ways to cool their PC, now let’s take a look at some fans that actually put performance at the top of their list. Enhanced frame structure, reducing turbulent flow and noise and increasing overall work efficiency. That being said make sure your case can actually fit one of these beasts before you buy one. Jupiter AJ140 Addressable RGB More. This is not a well-known company so you might hesitate, but don’t let their lack of fame fool you. In the end, all that is left to say is that if your want the perfect RGB fan choice for you, the decision will be between the prices you are willing to pay and the amount of quality you wish to have. There is an added feature of Jam protection. These also cost a lot of money, premium product premium pay. The most common one will be the 120mm fan or the 140 mm fan. Yeah, RGB is all about being cool and all, but when it comes down to it we feel more comfortable recommending the Corsair fans that will save you money, and perform better with greater airflow and static pressure while still looking great, over Thermaltake’s inferior performance for the sake of gratuitous vibrancy.

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