I like playing Skyrim as a melee tank / assassin. What are some good retextures / overhaul for weapons according to you guys? They can be crafted at a forge and enchanted at an arcane enchanter.Below is a list of different types of iron weapons that can be crafted in Skyrim, along with … A texture replacer for the iron and steel ingots, in 2K and 1K. Just don’t like how some of his armor and weapons clash (for ex: how weapons will clip into satchels some of his armors have) and how his iron weapon metal looks oddly low def when compared to the wooden handles. Even if that statistic is totally made up, it is still a monster of a PC. Not yet online. Skyrim modders of Reddit, as a Christmas present my dad built me a gaming PC that is in the top 0.4% of all PCs in the world (according to him). I would make this if I were not a pleb. Steel weapon/weapon retexture - posted in Skyrim Special Edition Mod Requests: I have been hoping that someone would make something like this. Skyrim Iron Armor Retexture Because bandolier without Vest useless ( very big gap from body ). Edit 2: Dwemer Weapons by … TES V - Skyrim Mods: aMidianBorn Iron Armor and Weapons aMidianBorn Book of Silence - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/24909/? It can actually run Cyberpunk on the highest graphics settings on 50 FPS. So i made bandolier like vest replacer too.Listen for Big Body Fans.This armor made from low poly not high poly, so it will clipping with very high value samson or samuel.NOTE:The body … Also get Skyrim Weapon De-LARP-ification Project by MadCat221 and use it as base, as in install it first and let everything else overwrite it. Apprentice attempt to make a mod to replace skyrim's weapons with more realistic ones. Iron Weapons are the first type of weapons the Dragonborn has access to and the weakest as well. but im amazed no one has done anything for steel weaponry. so, ive actually found a really nice iron weapon remodel mod that makes the iron weapons look MUCH more appealing, and its not some small color or proportion change, theyre actual completely new and unique models. It's a massive amount of work to retexture all armors/weapons in the game, especially at that quality, even Amidianborn didn't cover them all before stopping. Sadly, the default weapons in Skyrim look really boring. Still hoping he comes back and finishes the few remaining armor pieces + a proper SSE release that doesn't need converted. It doesn't change the look of weapons completely, but it makes the vanilla one much, much better. I’ve been looking into weapon and armor retexture mods and I like the look of Amidianborne Book of Silence. any steel weapon changer mod is just slight recolors, resizes, glow effects, etc. What I am looking for is something that removes all the nordic designs from all of the stock steel armor and weapons, and replaces them with smooth polished metal.

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