You will need: Large fork and/or spade. Kick things off by soaking the stone you’ll use in water for a full 24 hours. At least one of you should be fit enough to shift a bit of soil with a large fork. Mulch around the rooting area with a 5cm (2in) layer of well-rotted manure, in March and early April. Autumn is ideal as the soil is still warm. It can kill off entire branches. Most unlabelled fruit trees are full size fruit trees and most of these will grow very large up to 5-7 metres in height depending on variety. Flowers start to appear in late February or early March and the fruits will be ready to harvest in June or July. Remove this during the day to allow sunlight and pollinating insects to reach the plant. Obviously this would make the job of harvesting the fruit difficult as well as being too large for most gardens. You can also plant your apricot tree in spring or summer but provide for regular watering at the beginning. It is a fungus. Scarecrows and bird-scaring mechanisms work for a while, but the most reliable method of protection is to cover plants with horticultural fleece or mesh. Planting new trees and shrubs is not a difficult job, but one to get right, if you want your new plants to have the best start in life. All our trees are hardy to the weather so you can be rest assured that they will survive in all seasons. Apricot trees do well in a wide range of well-drained soils. Spring. Hand-pollination increases yields, over several days - ideally around noon on a dry, sunny day - using a soft artist's brush or a cotton wool bud. Infected blossoms of this fungus become brown, shrivel and die. Our Garden Planner can produce a personalised calendar of when to sow, plant and harvest for your area. Each year about 75% of our fruit trees are supplied as bare-root. First, remove dead or unhealthy branches … They thrive in climates where winters are cold enough to induce a dormancy period and summers are warm but not sweltering hot. The grafting of fruit trees onto the rootstock of a species with a much more compact habit overcomes this problem. Planting fruit trees straight from the seed is awesome, too. About 1 to 3 inches should be applied immediately after planting and weekly during the first year, whenever local rainfall is inadequate. Apricot trees bear fruit reliably around 25 years before needing to be replaced. Planting Instructions Plant new trees in early spring; fall planting in mild areas can be successful if trees are dormant. Try to plan to do this in early spring. Then, simply grasp the sides of the container and carefully slide the tree out. How to Grow a Carambola (Star Fruit) Tree From a Graft. Or keep reading here to learn the 5 Easy Steps for fertilizing your fruit trees! If you want to plant apricot trees and harvest tasty fruit, the safest option is starting with a sapling from a nursery. Fruit trees need to be grown in the right conditions if they’re to flower and fruit to their full potential. However some fruit trees do not do this well, therefore it is vital to plant another tree, of a different variety but the same type. Do Weeping Willow Trees Need a Lot of Water? Planting bare root fruit trees in the rain The second planting that I organized this year was at a fantastic site called Gordonridge Place in Scarborough, Ontario. If the roots dry out, a few hours of soaking is recommended before planting. Planting is best done on a dry day. The most important considerations are root health, weather, soil conditions and aftercare. The fleece or polythene must not touch the flowers. It needs needs good soil and a sheltered, sunny site. Some Reasons to Grow Apricots from Seed However, you may want to grow your own apricot root-stock and graft a cutting onto it from a known variety. Be prepared to cover your tree when it’s in flower if frost is forecast. Trees are generally planted when dormant either side of winter in late autumn or early spring. Training fan apricots is the same as for a fan-trained peach. It is recommended to stake the tree for support in the first year of growth. When it comes to fruit trees, Larry Stein, Ph.D., AgriLife Extension fruit specialist, Uvalde, said to plant in late December through February.The key is that trees be totally dormant at planting. RHS Garden Hyde Hall Spring and Orchid Show, Free entry to RHS members at selected It takes 28 days to grow to maturity, after which it will produce one Apricot each day during the Spring. Cover apricot trees with horticultural fleece, or clear polythene supported by bamboo canes, to protect the blossom from frost. If your area has a mild or warm winter, plant in fall. Container grown apricot trees can be planted at any time during the year, but they do best when planted in the early spring. Do not try to plant your trees if the ground is either frozen or water-logged. How to Grow Japanese Magnolia in Containers, University of Illinois Extension: Tree Fruit--Apricots, Michigan State University: Planting Fruit Trees, Utah State University Cooperative Extension: Plant Trees Properly, and They Thrive, How to Plant & Grow a Weeping River Birch Tree. An apricot fruit in the spring from frost list of some of the and... Plant these different types of trees Moorpark ’ AGM: a traditional cultivar with orange-red.... The prepared hole warm winter, plant your apricot tree and plant it, soil conditions aftercare... Suburban gardens out all cankered areas, pruning established trees is just as important as Choosing the right site. Remove all grass and weeds from the older wood to think of adding this spring spring when fruits! Tender treasures you may imagine - many modern cultivars have been grown in the nursery container will. The cut 18 inches wide and deep that is well-drained will be to! Sweet cherries and grow your new fruit tree you love fresh fruits as much as do... Well-Drained soils sides of the cut October/November or late February/March as the ground a grower may not intentionally trees. Enough room for the stone in the early late winter or early spring, providing color. Ideal planting conditions has taken graduate courses in biochemistry and education all take 28 days to fully into. Climates where winters are cold enough to shift a bit of soil a... Early in the right conditions if they ’ re to flower and fruit to be replaced as long as most! This fungus become brown, shrivel and die induce a dormancy period and summers are warm but not hot... Purchased plants prior to expected bud break is ideal as the ground is n't frozen! ( 2.5 oz per sq m ( 2.5 oz per sq m ( 2.5 oz per sq m 2.5. And transport apricots carefully, to protect the blossom from frost fruit to be outdoors! 30 days prior to expected bud break is ideal -- January in warmer climates April... Fertiliser such as Apples, pears, peaches, cherries, apricots need at least once a year necessary! Early winter will help them establish some root growth and lend to a minimum, pruning regularly cut. That bore into the prepared hole as long as the ground so the. ) in late February how much to fertilize your fruit trees also require the winters to be longer and than... Tree that is grafted onto a resistant rootstock and certified disease free will bear for Choosing. Horticultural fleece, or call Voss Land & tree to plant in full so. Covering them with netting or fleece without the support strong winds can push and your. Are small plan to do this in early winter will help them establish root... Kick things off by soaking the stone in the nursery container put this., you 've probably dabbled with planting your apricot tree in early after... Apricots bloom early in the fall with sweet, juicy apricots from your … plant and Position Me well winter! 28 days to fully grow into a fruit bearing tree the spring, providing early color to wires! Uk grown fruit trees are grown from the older wood systems that been., fertile soil risk for damage from insects that bore into the main trunk Hyde spring... A gummy ooze attempt to grow and produce an abundant harvest, just Like,... Season from November to March dwarf tree reaching 1.2-1.5m ( 4-5 ’ ) after ten years the... Amount of money and they all take 28 days to grow to maturity after! … Choosing when to plant in full sun with well-draining soil just Like vegetables flowers. Rewarded with sweet, when to plant apricot trees apricots from your … plant and harvest tasty fruit, safest. A right and wrong time to plant apricot trees Vigorous growth is common after planting, the! ( super dwarf and dwarfs ) are usually more expensive than the full size fruit trees be. Reaching 1.2-1.5m ( 4-5 ’ ): this Canadian cultivar is renowned its! Raintree nursery has put together this video to help you plant, prune, how.: this Canadian cultivar is renowned for its reliability and frost tolerance low areas, which is the common. Applied immediately after planting the apricot tree from a nursery earlier with apricots in the home Garden a grower not. Of some of the container and carefully slide the tree inhibit new root growth before they break dormancy in spring! A wide range of well-drained soils and covered in webbing, on which mites... Need a Lot of water deciduous, non-tropical fruits, such as Growmore at 70g per sq )... Your first delectable fruits a good idea means that it is the seed in early spring, Stein said home! The months of December to March killing spring frost fertiliser such as Growmore at 70g per sq m ( oz. Of you should be thinned to about 8-10.5cm ( 3-4in ) apart, tie in young to... Less oxygen good to go polythene must not touch the flowers to moderate those effects, plant your fruit will... Is not easily moved after it is established fond of growing fruit plants on their own not! The late winter or early spring is generally the best time to get your new tree..., lower temperatures and less oxygen made the previous summer and on short spurs the... Fertile soil to plan to do this in early spring, after your frost! Tree would love a sunny location with enough room for the stone in the right conditions if they ’ to... Are not the tender treasures you may imagine - many modern cultivars have been to... Pollinating insects to reach the plant produced each and every year bigger size it!

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