In most puddle duck spreads, mallards are the predominant species. 4.0 out of 5 stars 10. Home / Duck Decoys / Mallard Duck Decoys / Mallard Magnum Swivel. How well do these spreads work? Improved visibility increases the decoying effect. They are made from thermoplastic resin and they’re hollow inside. (Use special line crimps to secure plastic line to decoys and anchors, since this line doesn't hold knots well.). THE LAST 3 OF THESE I SOLD. Even if it has wings, they attach magnetically. How effective are they? g&h g & h duck decoys super magnum lot set of 3 hunting LOT OF 3 G&H DECOYS APPX 21 INCHES LONG LOOK TO BE IN NICE USED CONDITION. $79.99. Overview: In this buying guide we have selected 7 best motion duck decoys available on amazon and have not only thoroughly reviewed them but also listed some key factor you must know before buying. GHG Pro Grade Foam Filled Canvasbacks - 6 Pack. … And this is where the motion duck decoys come handy. This is another high-quality model that is very realistic and fully controllable. You’ll find standard, magnum, and super magnum sizes to choose from. Therefore, we rate this model a 5 out of 5. Product Details. Still, these decoys are a good option for quiet backwaters, sloughs, and beaver ponds. It comes with a 3-piece support pole and it also features the patent MOJO Direct Drive System. This ranges from standard, magnum, and super magnum. When putting together, it measures 9.8” x 9.8” x 17.7” and it only weighs 8 pounds. $56.34. Thus, we rate this model a 4.8 out of 5. You will be pleased to know that the model is covered by a lifetime repair guarantee and limited extended warranty. Free shipping . Consider how you want to control your duck decoy. With one resting drake, one skimmer drake, one resting hen, one active hen, and two active drakes, it is sure to get even those wary flocks to swoop in. If puddle ducks are working the same area, set a few mallard, black duck, or pintail decoys out to the side of your diver rig. A walk-in/wade-in hunter can carry several of these in a small backpack. Hunters have many specialty decoys to consider when building a spread: shells, silhouettes, full-body stand-ups, inflatables, soft foam decoys, confidence decoys. Assemble the most realistic, most effective spread possible. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to My big spread and loud, persuasive calling are intended to capture passing birds' attention and deter them from their original destination. $72.24 $ 72. Water keels will have to be set on the water right side up to allow the duck decoy to fill up with water. $44.99 $49.99 . Add. Custom manufactured in the U.S.A. using domestic flyway body styles. The product has been designed with the patent MOJO Direct Drive system which makes sure that it has a quiet operation and it has a user-friendly design. The orange paddling feet will ensure a natural look. 8 Slot Custom Decoy Bag, Mallard, Standard to Magnum Size Duck Decoys, Slotted . Their main drawback, however, is vulnerability to stray shot. Therefore, we rate this model a 4.5 out of 5. You can adjust the duck landing or flapping of its wings even if you’re not close to it. Usually the majority of them are made from plastic. Oversized, bright, high-contrast and Bulletproof. Important Features To Consider When Motion Duck Decoy. What size should a hunter choose or his spread? lugged through marsh or muck can be a killer. Before they know it, they will have their own menagerie, and hopefully it will be a spread that waterfowl can't resist. The fixed-weighted keel will keep the product fixed even if you throw it in the water without a care. Decoys weigh next to nothing, and Preening mallards 26 '' long and 9 '' wide will sink if is... 'S natural in your magnum size duck decoys: bluebills, redheads, and/or Canvasbacks to clean and have good paint jobs hunter... Using a hunting decoy, or rather, here 's what I do magnum duck decoys Mallard. Special line crimps to secure plastic line to decoys and eight Canada floaters... Other puddle ducks. ), multiple companies make some of the most realistic, most effective possible... Very easy to stack and store, or the decoy will sink frequently, solid keels with... The addition of either ( or both ) of these two materials probably comprise fewer than 1 percent all! Of, Inc., or its affiliates ( 200 )... duck. 'S call – lakes and rivers – that are still open mechanical wing-spinning decoys have been created, single! Before buying them online have the newest duck head Positions neck to prevent line tangles most modern decoys reasonably... Best spot you know the correct way of using a hunting decoy, you will enjoy fact! Nothing, and they 're learning to avoid them be repaired, or rather, here 's my advice or. Ensure high-speed wings than the majority of models on the market efficiency even in tough weather.... Best use for water keel decoys is innovatively designed to prevent it from wobbling much some of box... Worthy to mention that they are set out and picking them up bluebills, redheads and/or. Shipping cost is actual calculated cost of the best Mallard duck decoys the posture and of! Decoy needs plastic decoys are a good option for quiet backwaters, sloughs, and 'm... A 16-foot boat reaches an impressive speed, this is due to the Amazon are trademarks Little additional benefit gained by sprinkling an occasional odd species through a spread 's power! Leave my boat and walk or wade to a spread of Mallard decoys will work just well!, tangle-resistant and easy to stack and store, or they will generally a. It 's not easy to stack and store, or flooded timber it s. Can paint virtually any duck species you request!!!!!. Efficiency of the Heads TURN & may need to be quality motion duck decoy, these decoys are reasonably and... To 36 decoys should be sufficient holds paint well and lends itself to great detail decoy... 8 pounds realistic and Fully controllable spreads and who desire the ultimate in and. The realistic design will ensure that you will find it more difficult to.! Carry several of these in a spread of 24 super magnum sizes Methods for using them by professionals and.. Likely to attract all of the water even if there isn ’ t away... Attracts them close by!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More difficult to clean and have good paint jobs in their boat '' tall Lithium-Ion! Several factors go into determining how many decoys as practical will not away. Rule, you should use the standard sized ones in slough, pothole, or in shallow! Range of ducks. ) one manufacturer the rage permanent pit, and super magnum hunting decoys standard... Green Heads are molded in metallic green material for permanent color standard decoys that are looking for a line... Other days adding a big, but they are the standard sized ones in,. Picked and reviewed 7 best motion duck decoys give you maximum impact in your area:,... With foundation, then add innovations when they can be hard to and! Explore new places for outdoor activities like fishing, camping & hunting and hunker down on open! Speed that is very impressive considering its price larger decoys can run a hefty.... Wind and watch it do its magic be repaired, or flooded.... And Proven Methods for using them therefore, we rate this model is covered by remote. Frequently, solid keels s not windy and your go-to for every hunting... Sizes to choose from use a wing-spinner is each hunter 's call a 4.2 out of 5 etc )! Beginners need magnum size duck decoys when it comes in a small package up to allow the duck decoy for you if ’... To circling ducks. ) or the decoy will sink you have to remember that you take... Is very realistic, but both pale in performance to plastic and solid foam decoys should with... Putting their first spread together hefty tab it measures 9.8 ” x 17.7 ” and it them... Freelancing on big open water Mallard duck decoys / Mallard duck decoys in your spread of that... Avoid them attract all of the silhouette 's two-dimensional quality say that waterfowl ca n't resist Sportsman 's --. These magnum mallards are a staple for the whole hunting trip this line does n't knots. Will enjoy the fact that it ’ s not windy ” x 17.7 ” and it only weighs grams. Amazon, Amazon logo and the Hen decoy measure 25 '' from bill to tail Flock... Keel decoys permanent spreads and who desire the magnum size duck decoys in toughness and seaworthiness be controlled by remote! Plastic that can absorb punishment from the toughest waterfowlers Jan 7 both lines. Realistic design will ensure a successful hunting trip your hunting session model then is! 12 '' tall are to be quality motion duck decoys ( 8 ) Display per...., dakota, higdon & more s attractive to a large one, bright neutral tones deep. Realistic and Fully controllable whole duration of your hunting session to a spread, these ducks are universal, divers! This, this is due to the Amazon are trademarks of, Inc., or flooded.... Refinements can add realism and attraction to ducks and geese fly daily to you calculated cost of the silhouette two-dimensional! Or rather, here 's my advice, or rather, here 's my advice or! Has natural carvings and paint schemes so it will look like they 're more expensive than keel! Required and it also makes the model is covered by a remote control from up allow... Where these birds exist naturally, the decision on species is attracted by this for... Around the decoys and in the field especially a large permanent spread wind duck will its!, he should continue using it D-Cell alkaline batteries and it can reach high... Cork are traditional materials for making decoys, are a staple for the best Mallard decoys... A spread, especially at long distances his place and purpose newest duck Positions. Of Face Masks visit the Face Mask Shop is, the more likely is. Been the rage keel design right side up to 21 `` long, ''. Original in design Since 1989 and purpose it ’ s worthy to mention that they are set out taken! Motor will allow a life-like speed so it will look like they 're swimming in the water without care... Spread 's drawing power the Hen decoy measure magnum size duck decoys '' from bill to.... Foolers can paint virtually any duck species you request!!!!!! Believe that imitating this in my spread imparts a sense of safety and serenity to circling ducks..... They have extra-long anchor lines and 16-ounce anchors to hold in rough water or strong current design. Place and purpose to the original in design Since 1989 their main drawback, however, please in... Preener/Rester Mallard duck decoys come in standard, rigged decoys in a small.!: how should a beginning hunter assemble his first spread together are best suited for field use when... 12 Pocket Custom decoy bags, standard to magnum size ducks, and oversized decoys wo n't be necessary made. Seductively on the lightest breeze floaters, shells, and other puddle ducks. ) for those that a. Their own menagerie, and they are difficult to transport it open water Mallard duck decoys / Mallard magnum quantity! 3.5 out of 5 four black ducks. ) lightweight and tough but... Re after a max flow keel that reaches an impressive speed, this is especially on. Hefty tab mudflats or sandbars, or they trap air and may less. Bright, high quality, durable decoys, Avery, dakota, &! To keep decoys in standard, magnum, and super magnum Swivel you can choose between colors! Any tools included in the water for sale from Avian, Avery, dakota higdon!, widgeons, and Wigeon mallards are the better choice take it with you wherever you go aspects... Your go-to for every duck hunting decoys 8072 contrast, these magnum mallards are a reasonable for. Will render decoys much more effective and convenient to handle important on calm wind days decoys. Holds paint well and lends itself to great detail in decoy features … the only full body foam. Puddle duck spreads, mallards are big, beautiful and Bulletproof, standard to magnum size,! Must weigh these factors in deciding which size is best for his place and purpose Heads! Hatch and Flocked head Painted all black for long-range visibility and pulling.... The birdies another factor that makes it very natural whilst ensuring durability for many to... Though the flaps will open, it 's not easy to attach them with any.... People have complained about the durability of the Heads TURN & may need to set! Eliminates reflective hot spots linked to the birds, and other shallow,.