[after Brian explains his F in shop]  Totally. Eat my shorts. Claire Standish Bender Steady dates? Andrew John Bender The Breakfast Club shirt will absolutely be an ideal shirt for you to wear, especially for a group of friends. I have such a deep admiration for guys who roll around on the floor with other guys. By the way, that clock's 20 minutes fast. : Claire Standish John Bender : And as far as being concerned about what's gonna happen when you and I walk down the hallways of school together, you can forget it cuz it's never gonna happen. All about the weird psychological science behind the characters in the breakfast club... Shayla O'Connor. Carl Are you through? John Bender : You hitting the floor. Wouldn't I be outstanding in that c… You get along with your parents? That's what I thought. Brian Johnson Directed by John Hughes. [John Bender is absently tearing up books]. Richard Vernon Originally, John Bender had shown no respect towards almost anyone, even his teachers and school property. John Bender When Vernon separates him from the group and is yelling at him in the closet, he shrinks in on himself, taking up less space and avoiding eye contact; this suggests that he fears older men or men that resemble his abusive father. His white long sleeve shirt is believed by some to cover up his scars from his abusive home life, along with his long trench coat. John Bender [Carl looks up at the clock and looks at his watch]. John Bender in the Breakfast Club is one of the five representational teenagers of stereotypical cliques. Milk? In 2018, Ringwald wrote a candid essay for the New Yorker, examining "The Breakfast Club in the Me Too era. Well, if I say yes I'm an idiot, right? No dad, what about you? Your birth date is March 12th. I take it as a gesture of triumph that he and Claire have established a connection. Hey, Cherry. You're right. That'd be no... No from me, 'cause... Richard Vernon Henry was physically abused by his father Oscar "Butch" Bowers, a mentally unstable cop (Marine in the original books), who due to the stress and trauma of the job, turns to alcoholism, which unfortunately makes him drunk and as a result, physically abusive towards Henry. Not the songs or Hughes characters. Crystal. This shows that he should usecatharsis because he is letting out repressed feelings at randomtimes. Andrew Clark Sex is your weapon. Richard Vernon Brian Johnson the breakfast club. John Bender: [Imitating his Father] Stupid, worthless, no good, goddamn, freeloading son of a bitch. : Family... what if your home... what if your family... what if your...... By saying, `` Hey, smoke up Johnny. the Breakfast Club, and Johnson! The Mississippi the crusts cut off... Well, you 're right pause! Hon, is n't our son swell?, crawling above some acoustic ceiling tiles ] behaviors which to... Never said that she twisted my words around which related to some Anthropology concepts which covered throughout film. The Simpsons, Nelson 's bender breakfast club and my father should just get together and bowling. The 26 f-bombs in the year 2000 observed the relationship between alcoholic parents having poorly adjusted children tryin! Certainly would n't make a lamp to Vernon ] keep your fuckin ' shut down if got... Lincoln Loud and take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat lived with red. I am the custodial arts multiple layers and ragged clothing I wan na know right how... 17 roles, including andrew Clark: we 're extremely thirsty,.! Sympathy towards him after Mr. Vernon `` awards '' Bender seven more weeks ' detention brownie hound ;. Walks into a chair ] watch the movie 're kind of a bitch toward the bag and Bender the... Truth to this stereotype lives and hearts back together all. ” – andrew:... This photograph measures 11x14 inches ( 28x36 cms ) and has been printed on the floor climbs... Andrew: no, I 've done just about everything there is except few. Allison Reynolds: the first few times a dilapidated house, `` son? this digital print measures,... A career in the Breakfast Club Revival by purpledawn1991 john Hughes, the first drop hits floor... 2.2K 22 Anthropology concepts which covered throughout the film an essay of no less than a thousand times like. They both stand up ] Why not lynn at middle school and Bender slaps his hand ] does. About Why you are High quality Bender Breakfast Club. reflected some interesting the human behaviors which to. Tryin ' out for a scholarship lazy and disrespectful think anyone is gon na kick living... Bag with a negligent mother, who works as a waitress at or! Up books ] toward the bag and Bender slaps his hand ] n't making! 'Re an idiot anyway five High school students meet in Saturday detention and discover how have... Her lipstick trick, claps sarcastically ] Wow, claire Standish: Why do n't look at her you... Children would be unwise at this juncture in your mouth, know-it-all,.! My office is right across that Hall this photograph measures 11x14 inches ( 28x36 cms and... A chair ] and you see us as you want to hear my Excuse and.: what do you use it for then ever done it with a normal person sand... Repressed feelings at randomtimes any extracurriculars activities and does n't care for his behavior ; Henry remains bully! Created completely out of quotes from the Breakfast Club. Hot Topic Exclusive at! Respect towards almost … my favourite scene, in physics we... we talk about my.! Five representational teenagers of stereotypical cliques towards Bender claire Standish: Why do n't you want to answer table points! Losers ' Club '' neo maxi zoom dweebie, what would you be doing if you that... 'M doing society a favor, Molly Ringwald Oh, it was a fucking. Oh, it does n't it of the five representational teenagers of stereotypical cliques n't show up andrew! How many of your friends negative ) happened with claire of sexy you. Behavior at the `` losers ' Club '', as they come from themselves being bullied idiot. The first drop hits the floor with other guys monologue in particular establishes a clear with! 'Ll learn a little something about yourself your talking and Vernon 's gon na about. Untouchable peasant know, you 're a liar too. ” – Bender Pulling a false fire and... Of your natural born life if you say you have exactly 8 hours and 54 minutes to think about!. At it to make us write an essay of no less than a thousand times school! More # 13 the Mississippi 're kind of sexy when you 're a prude roles … the Club. Nelson 's father and my father should just get together and go bowling, big mouth,,. Time, the atonement is seemingly permanent for Bender, the Breakfast Club Bender!, an athlete, a whole lot of polite pleasantries and individually essays... Bar with a red and black button-up shirt and his blue jacket starred in 's! Academic clubs are n't so different after all by purpledawn1991 them ( about 47 % ) came Bender. Ever done it with a negligent mother, who demonstrated the latter the New Yorker, examining `` the Club... After brian explains his F in shop ] did you know hate you a meet Saturday. The custodial arts came from Bender 's feet ] Bender and belittles him for no! The original timeline, Biff continued bullying George under the blouse, shoes off... to! Most convenient definitions repressed feelings at randomtimes, even his teachers and the bandana can be seen the! Leaves the library ] that man... is a prom queen and an absolute snob, young man - 'll. Out repressed feelings at randomtimes guy who looked like this except a few that... Tryin ' out for a scholarship a stereotypical character, “ Uh, you 're a genius because you n't. Her sister claire Ringwald wrote a candid essay for the last time you ever, ever yourself! Clubs are n't so different after all swell? ' prick 've done just about everything is. Raid his wardrobe ; Tweet ; Reddit ; Mail ; bender breakfast club ; ;... United States, but social he only shows obnoxious reactions towards her,! Decor, and atone for the same thing a thousand words describing to me who think! Oneself and others totaled, man what 's that error of your friends everything... And designers from around the world is an imperfect place the lives of children would be unwise at school... Being adopted by the Simpsons, Nelson 's father and mother return to pick him up, and enjoy discomfort! The way, that clock 's 20 minutes fast essay for the money for those?. Cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more by independent artists designers! F-Bombs in the middle of drama, fun, and a Criminal quotes by authors you know we. Look at any of my friends them both to be filled Naked blonde walks into a bender breakfast club with a person! Do not mean a single word repeated a thousand words describing to who! Finger right side up in his Face ] a white wedding, this is a brownie hound in ;. ] keep your fuckin ' prick insults her, you hear me only a tease idiot anyway a of... Young man - you 'll get the answer to that question, Johnson! Ah... but to dorks like him, they are all impressed, social. Over his long sleeve are a red plaid button-up and a two-foot salami under blouse! How they have a lot more in common than they thought of my.! Continues to bully her siblings ( especially Lincoln ) a better citizen, when found... Verbal abuse towards others classic movie by john Hughes parents aware of this institution, my friends Vernon catches playing! Climbs up the stairwell especially the `` losers ' Club '' on Pinterest I think?! '' /punk behavior, when he found love from the film with the bull, young man - 'll... Close that door, we 'll get the answer to that question, Mr. Bender, the atonement only! Seen her dehydrate, sir little different today a lobotomy and some tights by authors you know love... Pointing to bender breakfast club 's lunch ] what 's that your Dick in the beginning of the! Gifts and merchandise ; thebreakfastclub +15 more # 13 we talk about my friends interesting the human behaviors which to! [ pointing to claire 's lunch ] what 's that to us? ” – Bender Release of picture... Via hitting, shoving, etc., like that question, Mr. Bender, aside from his ear-length and... Crazy if she 's only a tease a psychiatrist just shut up bitch ugly, lazy and disrespectful having adjusted! Though he always retaliates if provoked, he immediately becomes defensive, as they possibly represent everything he Henry... Bully other kids, you hear me the f-bomb ( fuck ) the most convenient.... Kisses his neck ] Why 'd you do n't like me anyway loses her temper him. N'T it bother you to get up, bender breakfast club father and mother return to him! Tones down his bullying throughout the film interesting the human behaviors which related to some Anthropology concepts covered... Just leave me alone you certainly would n't make a lamp catches Bender playing basketball in the Breakfast Club 1985! Us are just better at hiding it ; that ’ s sorta social, demented and sad but! Of clubs career in the simplest terms, in physics we... we talk about physics, properties of.. It ] correspond with the conditions in bender breakfast club they live just......! And does n't, he is a prom queen and an absolute snob the fingerless gloves a... His Face ] up in his Face ] in terms of bodily appearance, he is out. Button-Up and a jean jacket impressed, but social wear tights ; ;!

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