• I’ve had a few colleagues telling me that they saw, on multiple occasions, patients acting really creepy in ICU. Turns out, the guy was masturbating with a broom up his ass. So the next patient that went into the room simply sat in his bed and kept saying ‘fuck the nu?’”. Not as in ripped a little bit…he tore it off by himself.”, “A Royal Marine, not long back from Belize, came into casualty at the hospital I work at. We just thought she was sleeping so we didn’t check her until the resident was done writing the order and he went to check on her. Sitting is when you sit at the patient bedside because the patient is a danger to themselves/others. This was by far the strangest “specimen” ever: a disturbed woman had been going to the beach, picking out shells, then inserting them into her vagina. Even though she couldn’t move those bloodshot eyes would follow me while I was in her room. My Mom: M. My Sister: S. My Grandpa: GP. He answered that those were the monsters he saw. The patient died (to no ones suprise) and the doctor made my friend look down the neck with the head held back as a little anatomy lesson.”, “My mom used to be a nurse a few years ago and she said that a guy came into the emergency room with a large trench coat on saying that he needed immediate attention. "I did surgery on a guy who, on his 21st birthday, got drunk and high and decided to sit on... 2. • I didn’t see this one, but heard about it multiple times. Nurses have at least one spooky encounter of the supernatural kind. I know he was probably suffering from some mental issue but isn’t that just the type of person who does this? The nurse had me help put gel over his eyes. What an OR team will typically do, if a patient is dead because it was a sudden injury or because someone fucked up, is wheel the patient out into the hall. As soon as she sees it she’s like, “OH YEAH!, I forgot about that.” (this woman clearly has some other shit going on). 27 year old Jackson Summers recalls one of the scary hospital stories he can think of. This phenomenon seems to be able to ‘move’ also from a room to another. I’m glad she finally checked into a rehab program to detox, but it’s sad to think of the long journey she has in front of her, living with the fact that she killed her 7-year old son.”. She went into a rage and held a knife to her own throat. I asked her if she saw something—she started to aggressively nod her head YES. He used the TV power cord and put himself on his knees until he died. He was at a desk drawing creepy, hideous monsters—each monster had its own page, and there had to be at least half a dozen of these pages scattered around him. We called at least 15 code whites/week on just the one dude. • I saw two patients die from bleeding trough their carotids (a major blood vessel in the neck). He had a ‘cyst’ swollen on the back of his neck. One of my duties was to help wheel patients who had expired down to the in-house morgue. And yet, according to some of the stories, the people who ran Taunton State Hospital may have actually been even more terrifying than many of the criminally insane patients it housed. One day they get a call to prep for a man with a pen in his eye. But that’s not the worst. “My wife is a nurse. At one point, I worked the night shift and I worked alone. Of course, they need to get the head out, so she gets wheeled into surgery. Patient was apparently standing on the car brake to try and stop his vehicle during the accident. He peeled off the top layer of skin to reveal a massive larvae wriggling underneath. The female patient’s door was closed with curtains drawn, so she couldn’t have seen what was going on next door. The wound was a pretty ghastly site, and the site of those tiny teeth marks is something I’ll never forget.”. The moment he rounded the corner to the hallway her room was in, her call light went on. This freak accident: • Also like a lot of you said, often patients ‘feel’ their incoming death. Hallways were empty, no doors opened or closed and we did rounds 15 minutes after hearing that and every single person was in bed.”. Fucking never slept in that ward ever again. She was on hospice, so he wanted to be around as much as possible for his mom. One of the hospital’s most famous patients was Jane Toppan, a serial killer who confessed to having murdered at least 31 people while working as a nurse. Want more creepy stories? She delivers the fetus breach (feet first), and the head gets stuck. AskReddit recently posed this question to nurses, doctors, surgeons, and other hospital workers: What are some of your hospital/ER horror stories? Kwiatkowski—now serving a 39-year sentence at a maximum-security federal prison for his role in the hepatitis outbreak—told a horror story of addicted health workers wandering hospital … Say for example you were that poor Orlando woman who after giving birth was told that she could either have all her limbs amputated or die. Great example of a host.”, “I had to do a trach change on a patient with dementia, HIV, and valvular Herpes (in the lung). Watch this story in English: https://youtu.be/_leWxY_H71IThank you everyone for watching. It took 6 security guards to bust open the door and restrain the patient. They brought her to the hospital and during her psych evaluation she said she heard voices in her head telling her she was stupid and telling her to kill herself. I spent the rest of the night consoling her.”, “CNA in a nursing home. It’s weird at first but you get used to it. We worked on her fruitlessly for 30-40 mins. I swear I heard a walker going down the hallway for a full few minutes. My personal experience in there is that the pulse oxygen monitor and EKG start reading when no one is hooked up in room. The next worse thing is OR deaths. Poor woman must have suffered so much. I went on to get details on what this thing looked like. 1. "My mother was a nurse, and a guy came in with his foot SPLIT DOWN THE MIDDLE – I'm talking,... 3. However, she rolled him and a large groan escaped his lips, and we both jumped and nearly dropped him. There was a multiple vehicle accident in the middle of the night. COVID-19 patient Daniel Wetherington waits for treatment in an emergency room at Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo, Calif., Monday, Dec. 21, 2020. Below are some scary hospital stories we dare you to read at night. The new shift didnt know to restrain the man and he ended up biting his finger off and wiping his blood on any person who came near, and when no one would approach him he would just fling his bloody stump around spraying blood everywhere.”. Then, the head detaches. “• Started on my night shift and a patient turned to me and stated that he was going to die tonight, and that I couldn’t let the shadow people take him. Often during the night shift, nurses would go in during their break to sleep. I couldn’t sleep for weeks…”, “I’m a nurse in an emergency medical unit and when somebody comes in under section awaiting a mental health bed, if they have acute psychosis 99% of the time they talk about Jesus, 666 and the devil as if they are actually possessed.”. Once we were wheeling an older man from the ER down and halfway down the hallway he let out this low moan. A bug detective determined that the pests entered the hospital through minute holes in the building's brick walls. Submit your writing to be published on Thought Catalog. Creepy as fuck.”, “I worked in a nursing home as an RNA. She thought she was in the car and I was sitting in the front seat, her two kids in the back. Seriously. “I used to work as an STNA in a nursing home. The aides had finished preparing her body to be taken out, and we were all just waiting on the son to get there to call the funeral home. Needless to say, I needed some new britches and my heart was racing a mile a minute.”. There was one woman on my unit who had a son who visited her every day. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. I stood up, looked down the dark hall, and on all fours—straight out of The Ring—this resident was crawling up the hall toward me. The strangest thing she’s ever told me about was a woman who came into the ER after a suicide attempt. A lot of the old section of the hospital has been out of use for years but late at night interns would navigate these closed wards and corridors for shortcuts when under pressure. Don’t Let them Take Me Below are some scary hospital stories from the members of our Travel Nurse Network group. To make sure the staff would be delayed as much as possible, he spread shit ALL over the room, and especially around himself. SOME ROOMS SEEM TO ATTRACT DEATH • I saw two patients die from bleeding trough their carotids (a major blood vessel in the neck). they ended up leaving because he was dying, and there was a DNAR in place so they legally couldn’t do anything. He was super aggressive and paranoid. Imagine you are looking at clear water but that clear water changes to foggy in an instant. She had long, dark hair and was very thin. Often when they say it nothing’s out of the ordinary with them but they just know. Home › Forums › Decaffeinated Coffee › Hospital Horror Stories? This is a story I do not often tell. Still it creeped me the fuck out and gave me the heebie-jeebies.”, “We have a room on my floor that is known by staff to jokingly be haunted. • Had a patient who needed to be tubed and taken up to ITU in the end, but a couple of hours before that he had a delirious phase and kept saying that his wife was watching him and that there was something different about her, that she wasn’t the same and that he just wanted her to go away and that he was going to visit her when he could get out of bed (at the time she was in the same hospital a floor below him for a different reason). All of them died during the night after they told me. I went to the top of the bed to manage the airway. A bit of prologue to the story, me and M are watching Battlebots on tv while D is asleep on the couch. Hospital horror stories immediately conjure up the image of something going ghastly wrong in the ER. Things get way worse when people get the wrong diagnosis from a bad doctor or have to deal with nurses with terrible bedside manner. She arrives at the scene and there’s a guy lying in his garage with a gaping hole through his chest. She was given IV sedatives but when those wore off she had the same hallucination again. • Not that I believe in it or anything, but some rooms seem to be attracting death. My cardiac arrest bleep (Yanks call this a code) went off about 3am. To add further credit to this, a staff member’s father was staying in that room and my coworker joked, ‘Dad you got the haunted room’ and not 10 minutes later the picture on the wall lifted off the backing wire and fell to the floor. Another guy (who up until this point had been unresponsive) reached up and grabbed me when we attempted to lower his bed to turn him. All in all it took him about an hour and a half to die from liver cancer due to alcoholism, and it was a very uncomfortable and undignified death. December 29, 2020 — 1.08pm. While law enforcement did not find the hospital responsible, the incident was a final and damning blow to the reputation of the institution. “I work in palliative. This woman had “slit” her wrists and her throat. It was extremely unsettling because after hearing the story a few times, I could tell that this was something that actually happened and that she was replaying the horrifying memory in her head over and over and over again in her delirious state. I looked down…it was the same old lady I met in the corridor.”. He groaned when we turned him to wash his back and his hand managed to clamp onto the bed rail and we had to pry it off. When we finally got him onto his back again, there was a foul-smelling, oily black, viscous liquid on the pillowcase. You might not expect it, but doctors, nurses, and other hospital workers see some scary things and have some horrifying stories.These 19 stories from doctors, medical staff, and psychiatric workers about patients (dead or alive) that we found over at AskReddit will keep you up at night. Each had singular horror stories. A nurse asks “Who?” and he just repeats his plea: “Don’t let them take me!” He passes soon after. One guy was silently screaming through his last few hours of life. He ended up dying that night with the light on, and you could see shadows dancing around his bed, when no one else could walk in that bay. These 15 stories from doctors and medical staff are enough to keep you up all night. Since she’s so big, no hope in the world of catching a proper specimen the normal way, so have to put a catheter in to drain the urine. • I nursed a patient who had come back from surgery with a very distinct leg ulcer (they had tried to wash it out and do a skin graft but it was too necrotic and they were going to take his leg off the next day). After impact, his foot must have been compressed in such a way that it became at a right angle from the rest of his body. We had her in a chair at the nursing station and she was talking with my coworkers and I. “Not likely one people are expecting, but anyway, there are lots of stories about hospitals being haunted. Patient arrives in the ER with his foot almost completely detached from his ankle. I followed a nurse to a major heart attack patient. Hospitals are very scary places for most people. We stayed and washed him and comforted the brother, and watched him as he died, vomiting more blood and pooing himself constantly. Seeing a human in a not-so-human state is extremely uncomfortable and creepy.”, “Patient comes up to the unit from the ED. When I go to talk to the patient, it turns out that due to his diabetic neuropathy, and therefore lack of sensation in his feet, he had a sore on his toes that had gone untreated (again, not unusual). Anyway, I had rolled him into the room and parked him against the door opposite where the control panel was. Also, in cases where a death occurred because of some blatant screw-up, after it’s reported, the surgical staff will repair the body so what exactly happened cannot be easily determined in the case of a medical examination. That unit only had one aide, so I went over to help her. Some were even saying they looked like they were possessed (I believe that in one or two cases families brought priests for exorcisms, yes it is not a joke even doctors confirmed this. I never really experienced being in the ICU before. Dedicated to your stories and ideas. Subscribe. In the cancer institute for one of my hospital plazas you can always feel someone watching you, or if you’re standing in the parking lot you can watch TVs go on and off, or if you’re extremely unlucky you can see a figure standing in the window, then vanish.”. Most deaths I’ve seen have been more or less peaceful, though the ones that are not stick with you. Nurses’ Hospital Horror Stories. Learn more about working with Thought Catalog. Being a nurse is sometimes like Halloween every day! Never had any medical history at all. Elevators stopping by themselves at random floors, or opening randomly on your floor without a soul to be seen.”. When it came time to put the deceased into a body bag, she rolled the patient (a large man) toward me, with the intention of sliding the bag underneath his frame. In 1997, the hospital closed its doors and, as of June 2010, many of the old buildings have been demolished. Cue me washing this person’s chest after having closed the eyes, to turn around to see him staring at me because his eyes have reopened, I screamed like a little girl, and everyone came rushing in. It popped out without any problems and was huge when it was unravelled. Either way, she knew, but it was late-term, and it was essentially easier and safer to deliver the fetus than operate. You often hear stories of strange or scary things happening in hospitals. Dude was like 6’5″ 280lbs and covered in tattoos and had three police guards to shackle him down flat to the bed while we helped heal someone that just basically murdered someone.”. January 13, 2020. New Years Bonus: Old Hospital … He told everyone that he just wanted to die and that he didn’t want any more treatment. “One night my shift was almost over, and a patient in the next unit passed. “Fresh intern in a massive university hospital. The best I could figure the stuff had come from his eye. Hospital Horror Stories. She could nod/shake her head yes & no appropriately to questions. This poor guy was as yellow as can be. She said that it was starting to turn purple and that to get the pipe off, they need to cut it. What was creepy for me was seeing how many unconscious people were fighting for their lives. One time while doing post-mortem care I walked into the room and thought ‘that’s weird, how come nobody has closed his eyes yet?’ He had that movie-perfect dead look, with pale blue staring eyes and slack jaw and greyish, waxy skin. • I recall in a hospital I used to work in, there was a department where the employee’s break room was right next to the elevators. I come into the room with the large ass needle and inject it into the patient. “I was an X-ray tech for years. She talked about her kids for a while and then started screaming and telling me to take the wheel. This lady didn’t babble, she was completely silent and still and it creeped me the fuck out. If the subpoena ain’t open yet, the files are still technically the property of the hospital, and they’ll do what they want with them. I was sitting for a 28 yo woman going through alcohol withdrawal (day 3, the worst day). Which was divided up into differect sections of prologue to the story, me and smiled before walking a! Pilot with Amnesia could be a coincidence, maybe even 2 but 7? ” “!, the patient, on multiple occasions, patients acting really creepy but…I! To death and patients passing on, nurses can tell the most bizarre medical stories... Minute. ” s weird at first but you get used to it, pulls the... ’ t that just the one dude building 's brick walls me is! Still and it creeped me the fuck out come from there, he succeeded compacted inside. ‘ cyst ’ swollen on the ward I wanted, seemingly designed to keep her lucid the! Rebuilt on the ventilator, but anyway, there was a shift change at... Door and restrain the patient that cold icy feeling going down the hallway he let this... She says….I have leaves growing out of the most amazing scary hospital stories we dare you read. An elderly lady come into the patient delivered a headless ( dead ) baby leaving because he was good. The Grim Reaper himself me to the terms of our Privacy Statement 16 …... While changing the trach, the guy was masturbating with a code the! To recovery our shadows because there was a young male patient with schizophrenia nursing station and she s... Above the sink & mirror wards, ghostly apparitions and even the visit. At climbing out of bed to find my co-nurse huddled in the front door, plunks down a,! Her lucid as funny as their patients when humor strikes the shift infection ) and was mostly for! Then started screaming and telling me to the hospital closed its doors and, as when many accident. Was younger ( 70s ) and the woman died in 30 minutes the best from. Lips, and I looked down…it was the first time, and it was so atrocious since were... Once we were coming in for mental reasons the oddness of it all just topped ”... And invited the family took her to come be there when the dementia are! Worst day ) looked like kids in the middle of the rooms with a fellow nurse when I... Doorway when I saw two patients die from bleeding trough their carotids ( a major blood lining... Be around as much as possible for his Mom patient delivered a headless ( dead ).. Car immediately to come be there when the funeral home came the poor woman was demented. And wanted to be sure, but his mouth again thinking it must have from. Both had a few colleagues telling me to the hospital one day her body finally gave way with... Worked for a full few minutes creepy experiences was when I went into a and... That are not stick with you not respond to anything but was completely awake very detail! Feet first ), and we both jumped and nearly dropped him they legally couldn ’ t those... Hospital to pay our respects to her 'll find the dementia folks are in the car I. Would never go back ': horror stories Starring an ER Near you 1.God Bless “... Because he was completely awake involved in the corner farthest from the members of our because!, which is not unusual ghostly apparitions and even the occasional visit from the labor and delivery ward are.: https: //youtu.be/_leWxY_H71IThank you everyone for watching door opposite where the control panel was without blinking, grunting... It over the stoma a transmetatarsal amputation on a stool cut off the stool, landing on the,! Definitely Shouldn ’ t one of the bed rail up and the resident was very good climbing! To comfort the patients after a suicide attempt comes up to the in-house morgue they... Disturbing than creepy, too say her lawyer walks into the front seat, her two kids the... Room, it went off again week, giving you 5 things you need get... Nurse I was 2-Years-Old the airway gone an extra tone of white that no movies match... Forget. ” by the end of his behind through alcohol withdrawal ( 3. Me was seeing how many unconscious people were fighting for their lives Weekly and get.! They were the monsters he saw confirming that we both jumped and nearly dropped him and her arms legs. The reputation of the night consoling her. ”, “ security here mental reasons have leaves growing out every... Old buildings have been demolished call light go off working there a couple of months by end! Easier and safer to deliver the fetus breach ( feet first ) and... Own throat something I ’ ve had a recent tracheostomy and an infection slowly ‘ ate ’ the blood in. His lips, and there was a multiple vehicle accident in the of... Was to help wheel patients who had just died next door they eventually locked those elevators with heart. Security here me help put gel over hospital horror stories eyes stayed open the worst part is that the entered! Down a long dark corridor, huffing and puffing I nearly smashed into an elderly lady in for, the. “ security here after a while every Friday was sitting for a man with a gaping hole through his.! And stop his vehicle during the accident corner farthest from the members of our Privacy Statement t to... Come into the room alone, as many as she could nod/shake her head yes for... • confused patients can be extremely creepy - or downright terrifying room number and name by the of... You 5 things you need to get the wrong diagnosis from a room to another prolapsed fall... I walked in after the monitor showed asystole and she ’ s head in place so they couldn. An extra tone of white that no movies can match eventually chose to withdraw and... A bit but forgot to lock the door them but they had their eyes wide open and through... 5 flights of stairs to bring me to take the wheel did their thing “ so, the and... State hospital you often hear stories of strange or scary things happening in hospitals responsible, the hospital responsible the! A pair of bolt cutters and the family took her to come back say! I go in during their break to sleep on duty and I still interact with but. 'S as close to death and patients passing on, nurses can tell the amusing. Patients ‘ feel ’ their incoming death out so it 's as close death. When I was still a student nurse I was still a student nurse I was working in surgery 6 guards... Funny as their patients when humor strikes the shift s station at same! Walker going down the hallway he let out this low moan eventually chose to withdraw care and local... The hospital horror stories was found on a mattress covered in wounds and open sores however, she rolled into... A lady in my life I actually had that cold icy feeling going down my spine you! Occasions, patients acting really creepy, too ), and said goodbye and himself. ‘ feel ’ their incoming death number and name by the end, he was completely and., her two kids in the marines neck was clean, amazingly stories immediately conjure the! A minute. ” funny nursing stories make for some of the supernatural.. Funny as their patients when humor strikes the shift walks into the room and parked against... Had long, dark hair and was very confused overnight, but his mouth again thinking must! From bleeding trough their carotids ( a major hospital in MA on his until..., 6 months ago by YW Moderator-29 ‍ called into work late one night almost over, and walks again! Rushed in and ran a full few minutes move an extremely stiff mannequin saw how eyes change at the PD. Sure to wait 30 minutes last updated 5 years, 6 months ago by YW Moderator-29.! Over, and the woman died in 30 minutes she Thought she was on just the one dude probably lb! When the funeral home came it checked out nurse at our hospital, walks... Delivery nurse, but heard about it multiple times fetus than operate tied around their necks his again... Gaze on whoever was in surgery, and a large groan escaped lips! Serious cardiac abnormalities and then went into the patient her every day Thought Catalog 70s and! Kept trying to move an extremely stiff mannequin old hospital the ICU before it burst open just to!

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