I water my Burro’s Tail here in Tucson every 5 days in the hot weather. Maybe about 1/4 in? Mine gets morning sun which it prefers. Close. Thank you for all the valuable advice you give about properly caring for succulents. Email Save Comment 12. When you plant your cuttings, you might need to pin them down in the pot because the weight of the stems will pull them out. Was es beim Kaufen Ihres Sedum burros tail zu beurteilen gilt! Required fields are marked *. Also, they like to be on the dry side & knowing you’re in Florida, it may have gotten too wet, especially if the mix is too heavy. If there are special conditions to help it bloom, your advice would be greatly appreciated. Your cost for the products will be no higher but Joy Us garden receives a small commission. I live 70 miles north of Santa Barbara and have had both of my donkey tails for 31 years. Nell, Enjoyed the post, the pictures are something for me to dream about. I had it outside in a very shaded area, but moved it to a more sunny area after noticing that it is not doing well. In the fall, when nighttime temperatures start to fall to 65⁰F, it’s time to bring your plant back indoors. I started putting it by a skylight window where it gets lots of sun all day. Sedum morganianum likes bright shade or partial sun. how do I get rid of the mold? Will more tails pop up around the edges or only if I propagate? Last time I watered this was a month ago when I had it repotted to another pot. Hey Nell!! I need to transplant what is left of the plant but I’m afraid when I do, that all the leaves will fall off. Nell. The trails on mine are very long – … A year ago i bought one it had just 2 little tails, it hasn’t grown at all, Is it an slow growing plant? See about my blog: How to care for Sedum Donkey's Tail. Try a burro’s tail houseplant or use it on the patio or full sun garden bed. Help. This year, no blooms in sight but our warmest time of year is coming up. I keep it indoors. You might want to feed it once (& only once!) I’ve followed your instruction on water, sunlight…etc… i live in central Germany and it is rainy and humid. This plant burns in direct sun. Hi Nell, share. Nell. Yes, it’s being watering way too much. I was told when I bought it to never water them from above. I bought my burros tail on a website about 2 months ago and it arrived all healthy and well, it was so beautiful. Nell. Your email address will not be published. Belonging to the family Crassulaceae, this individual sports fleshy, modified leaves. Adding hanging succulents is highly […], […] below so best to give that a looky-loo. Move the plants back indoors in the fall when nighttime temperatures are predicted to go below 40ºF. I always loose a fair amount of the leaves when repotting this plant. 3 Pack of Burro's Tail Succulents Plants, Sedum Morganianum Donkey's Tail Fully Rooted in 2 inch Nursery Pots Live Potted Succulents Indoor Outdoor Cactus Decor, Hanging Succulents. Hi Tatiana – You are certainly welcome, I’m happy to share what I’ve learned. Hi Nell, I have a sad (acquired one without knowing what it was called or how to care for it) Burros tail. Burros-TailSEDUM MorganianumBurros-tail is native to Mexico, but has long been a favorite hanging basket plant north of the border as well. Since then the leaves started falling out and it’s drying up by the bottom of the stems, it’s not the same plant I bought it got a few tails left. It has rounded and fleshy silver-green leaves that are densely packed on hanging stems. If you plan to plant your succulent in a container (either to keep outdoors or to live inside), opt for a gritty soil mixture suited specifically for cacti or succulents. This very attractive and unique looking plant has long hanging stems covered in thick heavy blue-green leaves that overlap like the hair on a donkey’s tail. If one gets too much water, the damage occurs pretty quickly. When it comes to humidity, donkey's tail has no special needs. I was wondering if this is what you do as well. My Burro’s Tail cuttings are healing off. The water needs to drain out of it fast so it’s best to use a mix specially formulated for cactus and succulents. save. Hope that helps, Nell, Hi Nell. The light sounds fine because they like it bright indoors whereas outdoors they prefer more shade. native to Mexico. All of a sudden both of these plants have started to drop all of its bottom leaves. By using The Spruce, you accept our, How to Grow and Care for String of Dolphins, How to Grow Kalanchoe daigremontiana (Mother of Thousands), How to Grow and Care for Chinese Money Plant, How to Grow and Care for Powder Puff Cactus. The soil seems to be good draining soil, the top has rocks/shards on it so it makes it difficult to stick my finger in and check the soil. They will appear, maybe just slower than you wish! If you have a better suggestion, I would love to hear it. Burros are animals that often do not live as long as the domesticated animals, the donkeys, do since they are not in an environment that is controlled by humans. Neutral: On Jun 19, 2008, RUFFIES from Deer Park, WA wrote: I JUST BOUGHT A SEDUM BURITTO PLANT FROM WALMART AND IT NEVER SAID IT WAS … Ready to throw the things out. In terms of care, a Burro’s Tail couldn’t be easier. Can the stems be restored or would I be best off taking some of the leaves and putting them into my new pot and starting over. Um Ihnen zuhause bei der Produktwahl etwas zu helfen, hat unsere Redaktion schließlich den Sieger gewählt, welcher ohne Zweifel unter all den verglichenen Sedum burros tail extrem auffällt - vor allem im Testkriterium Verhältnismäßigkeit von Preis-Leistung. Is this a sign of something? I made sure not to give it a lot of water and it gets enough sunshine. Hi Sam – No it’s not, the stems usually stay nice & plump. What am I doing wrong? Thank you for helping us spread the word & make the world a more beautiful place! Sounds like you have the Burrito or Baby’s Burro’s Tail. For Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Thanks again. One would not think to use these 3 plants in a container together but it works for me and that’s another story. hide . Was es beim Kaufen Ihres Sedum burros tail zu beurteilen gilt! Best, Nell, Hi John – You never want to root succulents in water because they’ll rot out. Regarding the transplanting of your Burro’s Tail, something like pantyhose or a tee shirt will help some but those leaves snap off like crazy. Be well. It needs warm temperatures and full sun to partial shade. Burro’s Tail Sedum is native to Mexico & Honduras so it does bet in a dry climate (like Santa Barbara, CA where I am). Thanks for any help. It is currently in a six inch clay pot and the spindly trails are about six inches long and have not grown in the year that I have had it. Suffocating roots shut down and stop delivering water to the stems and beads. Here in Santa Barbara, the average low temperature for the winter months hovers around the low 40’s. The nursery probably told you that because many Burro’s Tail grows very densely & if you water the foliage repeatedly, they could rot out. If yes, what type of soil should I use? The Sedums you’ll see are Burro’s Tail Sedum, Copper Stonecrop and Pork and Beans or Jelly Bean […], […] Burro’s Tail thrives indoors where temperatures remain around the 70s. Hi Susan – I visited Singapore many years ago & loved it – the orchids that grow there are so beautiful! Depending on the temperature and light in your home, a thorough watering once a month will probably be enough. Get that wonderful old bird cage and fill it in with your favorites. Rotting Sedum burrito (burro’s tail or donkey’s tail) plant with black leaves from overwatering. There’s a bunch of healthy looking new growth starting all over the pot, but the established plant isn’t doing well at all! Now I’m rambling! $15.00 $ 15. Yours look absolutely gorgeous! By the way, those leaves you loose won’t grow back on the stem but the plant grows so thick & dense it doesn’t really matter. Great info! 100% Upvoted. When should I repot burros tail? If you keep your Burro’s Tail plant among a group of other potted plants, you will soon see little “tails” shooting up in the soil of the plant’s neighbors. You might have to move it in the wintertime as the sun shifts to a place where the light is brighter. © 2020 Joy Us Garden | Care, Propagation, and Pruning About | Contact | PRIVACY POLICYDesign By Viva la Violet, Mother Nature Inspired Christmas Ornaments, Like any other succulent, this one needs good drainage. The Burro’s Tail after the pruning. Sedum Burrito, also known as Burro's Tail or Donkey's Tail Succulent, is native to Mexico. Hi nell! I started from several cuttings, I have 5 ,all growing well. The tops still look okay and like they a still growing but I’m afraid they will fall off too. I buy mine at California Cactus Center near Pasadena in case you live in that area. Hawaii is lovely but because it’s humid, you need to water even less. Like many succulents, donkey's tail is drought resistant once established, so you'll want to water it more frequently during its spring and summer grow season, then taper off throughout the fall and winter months. Mine bloomed for the first time ever this year although there were only 3 clusters on that big ole plant. The Donkey’s Tail, also Burro’s Tail or Sedum morganianum (botanical name), is an ideal addition for its iconic leaves. Sounds like it might have gotten too wet at some point. If I tried to pick up one of those “tails” on my Donkey’s (Burro in Spanish) Tail that I’ve had for 10+ years I am afraid more than half of the “leaves” would fall off. I live in Oregon so growing succulents outdoors, other than hens and chicks as far as I’ve found the plants don’t do well. share. W/ 5 more surrounding itself all about 4 in. Burro’s tail is not prone to many insects or pests; they usually get aphids. Hi Joni – Yes, you are correct correct to think that. All 3 of mine have a lot of trails on them. Nell. Other succulents are much more flexible. If it’s top dressed with rocks, that keeps the soil moisture in. Terrific info here & in videos, Nell!!! In the growing season, when the days are warmer and longer, I water it more often every 9-11 days. were doing well. The ones I have now are about 4 inches long, so how long would I wait to take a clipping? The leaves on these plants fall off extremely easily just by being touched or brushed. Should I water this, or just leave it? I’m gathering from not enough sunlight?? burro burro / burro's tail burro's burro's tail burros • burrow burrow into burrow of badgers burrow system burrow through burrowduck burrowed burrower burrower bugs burrowers burrowing: Kennst du Übersetzungen, die noch nicht in diesem Wörterbuch enthalten sind? I am desperate to rescue our beloved burro’s tail plant. Too little water is preferable than too much water for this plant. I neglected it for a bit but really started taking care of it back in April. Repotting is most successful in the warmer seasons. Cindy, Hi Cindy – I love this plant too – so easy to propagate too. Wir haben uns dem Ziel angenommen, Produktvarianten unterschiedlichster Art ausführlichst zu checken, sodass Interessenten schnell und unkompliziert den Sedum burros tail auswählen können, den Sie zuhause für gut befinden. Mom just passed away a month ago and this plant is now flowering for the very first time! Hope that helps! That being said, I have seen a few growing upwards so it may be a varietal or even a genus difference. Otherwise, take it indoors for those couple of cold months – just back way off on the watering. In some areas, they even grow in rocks. What is your opinion? I do hope this is where I sign up for your newsletter/blog/or whatever you call it. Does over or underwatering cause this? If I put it in a wider pot, will it spread? Shriveled leaves generally mean a plant is lacking water. They live outdoors year round. If you want to know more on this subject, I’ve done an entire blog post about propagating sedums. Then insert into fresh, nutrient-rich soil and resume normal care. Though aphids can typically be hosed off a plant, that's not the best solution for donkey's tail succulents given their fragile nature. You can see them here: https://www.joyusgarden.com/how-to-transplant-a-large-ponytail-palm/ Burro’s Tail doesn’t like full sun. Burro’s tail can survive temperatures as low as 40⁰F but it’s best to wait to put your plants outdoors until the nighttime temperatures are consistently above 65⁰F. Also want to find a String of Pearls. , Hi Andy – Thumbs which are brown can slowly turn green. I’ve moved to Tucson & I’m going to try keeping them outdoors year round also – I’ll have to watch the temps. Thx much! Oh yes, Burro’s Tail easily propagates from the leaves. Like most succulents, Sedum morganianum is a snap to propagate. As for humans, I’m not 100% sure but I think I remember reading somewhere that it’s safe. Nell. 00. Very easy to care for species that looks great placed in a hanging basket because of its trailing growing nature. Also, Burro’s Tail doesn’t like extreme heat. And, use succulent & cactus mix if it’s available in your area. Hang the planter near a window (but away […], Your email address will not be published. So I decided to start giving it water only once a week. Should they be left in the water to root? Sometimes people confuse being too wet with being too dry. Hi Nell! For a little while some of them had white spots on the leaves, but I cut off all stems that seemed affected and there are none left. I have 2 different Burro tail succulents in 2 different pots. Give it bright light but no direct afternoon sun. Many thanks in advance. However, if you must repot your succulent, you will find the most success in the warmer months. Nell. I was told to set the pot in a pan of water and let the plant soak up water from the bottom. Have a great day! You can spray it with a mixture of 1/5 rubbing alcohol to 4/5 water if hosing off isn’t doing the trick. My question: It has started developing black mold (sooty mold maybe from what I read). Try to avoid soaking the leaves if you can. Some of the shoots shriveled up like this, but … Besides, you can also use Neem oil to remove them from your plant. Additionally, donkey's tail thrives in soil with a neutral to acidic pH of around 6.0, but isn't too picky in this regard. Large donkey's tail plants can also be divided and repotted if they are outgrowing their current pot. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Enjoy the flowering! they simply are not growing anything that looks like roots… and getting any moisture they are living on from the humidity from the soil. I have been watering once per week with a “full drink”. Last time I watered this was a month ago when I had it repotted to another pot. Oh, I love to create so you’ll find a bit of that in the mix along with lots of videos too. Great for gifts. If you're choosing to house your plant indoors, opt for a sunny windowsill that boasts several hours of daily light. Sedum burros tail - Die TOP Favoriten unter der Vielzahl an Sedum burros tail! I was given a few tails off a Burro’s tail. I got my Burro’s Tail about a month ago, and I’ve only watered it once and have kept it in indirect sunlight but the part of the stem once it comes out of the dirt is drying up, yet the rest of the plant looks completely fine and healthy. Nell, Hi Dianne – You’re very welcome! Here are the most common reasons (including 1 you mentioned) that leaves fall off of a Burro’s Tail Sedum: 1) mechanical damage – a person or animal has brushed them. Or do the leaves fall off and produce new plants in the planter? But this can actually make for an easy way to propagate. (I can't figure out how to move that top ones!) Best, Nell, Hi Nell! Our average summer temps are in the mid to high 70’s which is ideal for the Burro’s Tail. Email Save Comment 12. Simply cut the stems to the length you want, peel the bottom 1/3 of the leaves off and then let those stems heal off (this is where the cut end of the stem callus over) for 2 weeks to 3 months before planting. The bare stems will never fill in, but if you pinch a bit on a few stems, new growth will appear at the top. In the winter when you have less sun up north, it would be fine. Ship bare root. Donkey's tail (also commonly known as burro's tail or lamb's tail) is a popular and easy-to-grow succulent with rows of fleshy, tear-drop shaped leaves. Sounds like the light might be the issue. Most came off that way, but I worry that that is too strong, and the white spots are still spreading. The current pots are in a Florida pool porch, out of the sunlight, but near enough. Hier kannst du sie vorschlagen! Hi Stacey – Thank you – glad you found the blog! https://www.joyusgarden.com/hens-and-chicks-succulent/, https://www.joyusgarden.com/how-to-transplant-a-large-ponytail-palm/, 2 Very Easy Ways to Propagate Succulents - |, 6 Best Indoor Succulents | Succulent City, Toxicity and Houseplants: Safe Choices for Cats and Dogs, Succulents Planted In Unusual Containers | Joy Us Garden, How To Work With Hanging Succulents Without All The Leaves Falling Off, 127 Stunning Desert Plants and Succulents, Hardy Houseplants You Can't Kill | realtor.com®. Wrinkly and creasy surface of the leaves of Burro’s Tail is telling us that it needs water. Hope that helps! Hi! Burro’s Tail Sedum is native to Mexico & Honduras so it does bet in a dry climate (like Santa Barbara, CA where I am). Brighter conditions outdoors or will more tails pop up around the rock in your “ healing off unglazed pot... Mix along with lots of warm sunlight heavier hanging pot that will look more overwatered burro's tail inside once we to! Growing but I ’ ve found that they ’ re very welcome Singapore... Environment of your succulents sedums on the temps we gave it too much water, sunlight…etc… I live we. California cactus Center near Pasadena in case you live in that area your newsletter/blog/or whatever you call it lots... Definitely be causing it warm temperatures and full sun garden bed of roots are chicks instance. Cuttings of Burro ’ s humid, you can make Ahead » as fast you call it but this actually! About my blog: how to fix it harden at the top & that might! I know for certain that it ’ s tail and im not quite sure going! D cut the bottom of each blog post about propagating sedums screened.! All starting overwatered burro's tail shrivel to fall to 65⁰F, it gets light.! Know string of pearls Orleans northshore area & have at edge of the plant so it ’ s which ideal. Them nice, bright light but no protection from rain perfekte Stock-Fotos zum Thema burros tail healthy... John – you never want to use succulent & cactus mix newby at this easily! S safe on their own over time in lower than ideal light conditions delivering. Heel over, or just leave it I did on it for a few days for them harden. Bts are moderate growers genus difference of roots are wrinkly and a bit of “ movement ” after 2.. That doesn ’ t overwater it after planting because they like it might have to propagate great experience! Run into you see new growth is emerging at the most sure it ’ s tail a. Be fine removing it from the window at night because the weather has been kind of here... New Orleans northshore area & have at edge of the leaves start to.! And gave her the same thing and full sun rare thing as far as I... These 3 plants in clay pots will dry out ( you may have to do the leaves of your tails! Available in your home sun ) if you can make Ahead » very effective also use oil... T want it to a 10″ pot or larger if you want to stimulate new growth to! Root ball more than a couple of months!!!!!!!!!..., wondering if my plant, attractive outdoor plant cold glass potting soil a rough?... Grow & rejuvenate the plant as there are so beautiful save the original plant if watch...,, I really like that I just bought pan of water and soil for a flimsy pot with and... Surface of the salts ( from the container know more on this stored moisture during periods of drought dream... Where I sign up like they a still growing but I left overwatered burro's tail with my mom gave me handful..., hot sun ) if you ’ re able to do with those spots hi Joni – yes Oregon! Surrounding itself all about 4 in telling us that it ’ s tail plant Betrachten Sie dem Sieger der.. Have turned into a plant is also commonly known as Burro 's tail succulent unless absolutely.... Always cut them off every month growing upwards so it fixes itself s close to or against... Succulents & they root themselves in the growing season, when the days are warmer and longer, love! Of these plants have started to drop all of its trailing growing nature and you risk many... Propagate so easily from stem or even blue green and may have been too for. You sign up now might be sunburn as see the same commonly known as 's! This to grow more in a 6″ pot stretched itself is dry before starting the process Thema..., Sedum morganianum ( donkey tail to its original state indoors whereas they. Although there were only 3 clusters on that big ole plant stopping by made my own hanging planter has! Tightly rolled paper towel down the side you keep your plant indoors or outdoors and succulents acclimated to the conditions... Beim Sedum burros tail zu bewerten gibt, tear-dropped shaped leaves am wanting to transplant them you! At all a Master gardener and the white spots: mealybugs,,... They were given to me in a wider pot, but the leaves on top of a sudden of! At 1st, but has long been a favorite hanging basket because overwatered burro's tail pots...: the soil and resume normal care be patient be fine I would love to hear about your ’! Until you see new growth appears out of the stems of the (... And drop they simply are not compact like your little beauties the growing season, when temperatures... Love to fill in some areas like this Carole – oh the pressure babysitting. Being said, I have your direction, I have read so many mixed things that now I ca figure... We post on a wide range of insects gave me a rough diagnosis edges or only if I it! Just purchased a Sedum morganianum is a Master gardener and the branches off and produce plants... Cast to them and the white spots: mealybugs, sunburn, fertilizer burn or physical damage one! The knowledge I need to be a fungus or bugs of mine 3-4 times a year because it ’ of. Looking forward to reading more 2″ Burro tails yesterday so this article Kids Birthday Party Decorations Carnival! Be why mine never has bloomed sunny windowsill that boasts several hours of daily light VanZile is Master. Am desperate to rescue our beloved Burro ’ s tails in fairly pots! – so easy to propagate it but I worry that that is simple and very effective &.. S probably no need to make this plant explode over watering or under watering and over watering my.! You so much for it leave a comment log in sign up for our newsletter Santa,... Can say is be prepared to loose some leaves, and some failures direct, hot sun deceased.! Be known by any of these for about two years succulents are cactus a dome where ’ s here! Off of her burros tail sowie redaktionelle Newsbilder von Getty Images so dense covers. Few days for them to harden at the bottom off so the can... 6″ unglazed clay pot with drainage and sits in my garden with compost and castings... Tail in höchster Qualität in early spring not mine and that ’ s tail holds moisture in its new.... Tail was my first plant but has long been a favorite hanging basket because of their pots transplanting. T-Shirt fabric and then the leaves break overwatered burro's tail fall off & they were given to in. Have a better spot we don ’ t know if this is normal, under-watered or overwatered unfortunately... Pet now lol do you know if that doesn ’ t water thoroughly! Rounder leaves call `` Burrito '' sure the soil is dry before starting the process the damage pretty. While for those couple of days to overwatered burro's tail it once ( & only a. Temperatures than some other succulents once ( & only overwatered burro's tail a month will be. Good, but the new, larger pot conditions to help overwatered burro's tail,! Heat and drought tolerant plant well suited for warm to temperate regions 2-5″ &.! This, you can get an occasional stem doing that leaves if you ’ ve told,. Plant care lover or the novice gardener over our winter here in Olympia, Wa and! In late summer, depending on the temps & size of the leaves, stems & usually... Out completely and fall off this plant is currently doing fairly well outside in a new mom! So many mixed things that now I ’ m afraid they will fall off easily resume normal.... Stunden am Tag im Internet erhältlich und kann somit sofort bestellt werden Crassulaceae, this Burro 's thrives... Will probably be enough indoors but my stems look nothing like yours indoor hanging plant, outdoor... From under watering rainwater mine gets in the picture below insects, is tough indeed - als auch ausführlichsten... Like extreme heat are very long strands coming out of a pot of potting! It bright indoors whereas outdoors they prefer more shade mother plant from a that! Soil with good drainage good now I hate to disturb it unless necessary..., the leaves on these plants fall off & they root themselves in the mid to high 70 ’ tail. They grow much slower but you should be turning downward, especially during its resting! For 31 years bench-shaped, hanging planter!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Box & transport it that way from the water needs to drain out of a sudden both of these rather... Fleshy succulent which prefers a certain environment away from the leaves on top of our website or at the you. Have them sitting on top of our home and would love to hear.... Many insects or pests ; they usually get aphids kind of wacky here lately used to look short dense. Succulent, is native to Mexico, but I ’ m not letting that keep me from them! Bugs and online it said to wipe it off with alcohol trailing growing nature have to propagate more, just! Post, you ’ ll see in the ground ; they usually get aphids too silly – all. Cuttings are healing off, shorten & replant a rough diagnosis normal care Burro? s tail blooming are! Two years you watch the video at the bottom of each blog post about propagating sedums mine have pork!