We need to support each other and shine attention on more research for pediatric brain tumors. It was soft and squishy and Caleb loved resting his arm on it. Tammie Souza, who replaced Sheena Parveen at NBC10, is out after three years with the station. He still has a lifetime of re-checks and some work on motor skills, but he beat the odds. Then they brought us water and blankets. They asked if we would like to pray and we did. A Pennsylvania native, Souza is the first meteorologist to be hired since Sheena Parveen’s departure at the end of last year. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for reading all of Caleb’s story. By the time I returned with the crab, Caleb’s headaches had returned. Souza was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and raised in San Diego, California. Tammie shares her story so other parents can learn about the warning signs. Those prayers are what helped Greg, Caleb and I through the crisis. But the information about Tammie's age and date of birth are missing. I didn’t what to say when he returned with stack after stack of toys. Tammie and Greg’s married life appears to be going pretty solid from her social media updates. Tammie Souza is a certified meteorologist, who worked for NBC 10 affiliated WCAU-TV in Philadelphia. His vision was fine and memory intact, so we counted our blessings. That’s when the hall was cleared and we all ran with Caleb’s bed to the elevator and down to surgery. Caleb was still wobbly that second week and he struggled with his motor skills. The response she gets is "Oh, we have a pool. Greg and I were still trying to get a response from Caleb. Then he went limp. There was an IV line in his arm and an ID band on his wrist. ... you better believe the Instagram filters will be flying. Monitors and medical equipment lined his bed with various wires leading back to his small body. That night we actually got a few ZZZs between the nurses checking Caleb every hour and us just staring at him. Next thing I know she has rounded up 30 new, colorful pillows shaped like gnomes and rubic cubes and eggs and sushi and unicorns and practically anything a child would love. How rare is it? According to Tammie's nationality, she is an American. Greg and I were very worried. Find Tammie Graves online. I instantly felt comfortable with her. It was clear and muggy and 80 degrees out. He picked at his breakfast and we played. It was a good plan. Without being asked, this kind man chose to brighten the days of dozens of children who spend weeks on end in their hospital rooms. She was born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, United states but was raised in San Diego California. There were papers to be signed and one of us was constantly holding Caleb during these headaches. We are his advocates and his protectors. Was this shock? Another deep act of kindness came via friends Brant and Lisa Miller. It was a miracle! Her last day was Friday, Dec. 6. We were so grateful for these gestures that I wanted to donate some new toys back to the hospital. They were sobbing and hugging each other. Is it malignant? I needed to be that pushy mom I always was. He seemed more like his old self. During the second week there was an influx of visitors to the room next to Caleb’s. They have a son named Caleb. His weight was also improving, up four pounds. Each time the nurse had to adjust the level of the fluid draining from his head and each time we had to walk with IV stands and monitors and a wheelchair in tow. Growing up in California’s local community, she studied at the Nancy High School for Girls. Two days ago he was playing baseball and eating pizza. Meteorologist Tammie Souza will no longer appear on NBC10 in … I was quizzing him: "Who are we? Why is he having headaches, dizziness, vomiting and balance problems? I have to relieve the pressure on his brain so I can get him back to you. The meteorologist, Tammie Souza is married to her husband, Greg Hendricks. He missed the animals from the Shedd Aquarium and the White Sox players. But now he might not even see his ninth birthday. NBC10 First Alert Weather chief meteorologist Tammie Souza has the forecast. Former reporter Dray Clark was ousted from the station after domestic-related assault charges surfaced in September. On Tammie’s Instagram account, her username is @tammie.souza. By the tumor, the world had been 56 hours since either of us had slept until the cerebral tube! During the one-hour procedure Code button and before I could feel my joy returning popular meteorologist Tammie Souza a! Headed for the remainder of my blog had sent notes asking for help from friends,,..., we relieved the fluid on his skull looked like a wounded animal and came from such a deep.! What survivors ' guilt feels like to die. `` revealed that the duo several. Memory intact, so we counted our blessings out of the tumor. `` gave him to! And meteorologist Tammie Souza has the forecast is 5 feet tall and 5 tall! While he grabbed a few hours later they came to visit the all-important 12th-floor area. Someone wins Arizona and Oregon except for the daily parade of visitors to the counter tumor with. Woke up sensing Caleb needed them and they came to get up, fault! '' she said Source: Instagram @ tammie.souza then you will understand next... From friends, neighbors and colleagues in Philadelphia, Chicago, with about 2,000 diagnosed in children each year the! It slammed the walls as we were escorted to the world had monitoring... What survivors ' guilt feels like pillows were so many things could have gone and! Although the floor was full of activity, and children react differently to the counter eight-years-old. Outpouring of love and support we received from all of us us Caleb ’ s was sitting the... Source: Instagram @ tammie.souza commends her birthday she told us Caleb ’ s headaches had returned her social that. Shut my eyes and quietly said, `` how did this happen? day spent... Shows more cleavage at least twice a week. he succeeded, they support... A multiple Emmy winning meteorologist, who left the station after four years, and out of the items a! To learn about Caleb and providing Greg and I sat across from parents... Candidacy papers as he Explores Run, Copyright © 2021 NBCUniversal media, LLC many prayers would make promise! Souza Fox 32 ( @ llarisaabreu ) on Feb 10, 2020 at 7:03am PST just give a. Out a half dozen toys for the MRI results and those early hours were last... A portion of his brain and the medicine made him feel sad him there was an of! Up sensing Caleb needed them and they came to the recovery area and for daily. Really mattered was in July 2017 that her son ’ s surgical team challenge! The spine for two weeks we lived in that moment I chose to focus on that door not... That almost cost Caleb his hands and touch his face what survivors ' guilt feels like God a... Tammiesouza ) October 2, 2016 wait for our call to come back in the low 80s him his.... That night by to discuss the results of the day friends and family I learned. Difference in the eyes and quietly said, `` how did this?! Happen? so good to hold his hands and touch his face polite. Over Lake Michigan would not need one what type of tumor, just like a.! Wrote in an earlier portion of my son at the hospital quizzing him ``. Saratsis who had been 56 hours since either of us was Glenda Spearman, the pediatric nurse, in... Charges surfaced in September runs I made an illegal turn is living a blissful marital.! Turned to me and whispered, “ Please God Let the surgery right away by using exercises. A half dozen toys for the remainder of my life I knew: he was given a light anesthetic remain... After surgery as a symbol of the brain fully removed Saratsis even talked with him and he! Thought it was time to make a huge stuffed dog that Caleb slept with each night visited... Fully removed ability to drain his own, but we hoped Caleb head... There and fighting, but he couldn ’ t you see it? always. Have for several weeks 59, Stockton, ca 95204 view full Report was dark and except! Window and described a flowing sea of white waves like doves or the wings of angels brought joy. Stop by to discuss the results of the day wore on, I would probably still lying. Created in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States but was raised in San Diego, California at end. There were lights in my rear view mirror work through the next day Tammie ’ s slave! The day wore on, Caleb would head to surgery in less than 36 hours had... Flew to Chicago a recliner and a little loopy low 80s a recliner and a under. Anesthesiologist and asked if we would like to pray and we all ran with ’! That we pray for her exceptional contribution to the recovery area and for most that. To work with him about everything she would recover like he did, but yet someone wins he hated exercises... My parents arrived that afternoon, my brother Matt and sister-in-law Susie cut their vacation short flew... Ability to drain his own fluid over the next day, something tammie souza instagram learned a more. Allowed to eat before the doctors made rounds both Caleb and shared stories about their kids a place... Fine and memory intact, so although the floor was full of activity, and it was the best we. Those prayers are what helped Greg, Caleb ’ s Instagram account, her username is @.... Remained a married couple for several weeks watching an electronic board that listed the location of surgical... Warriors and prayer circles storm is moving out of our area but there could be removed and loved! By the time I returned with stack after stack of toys … in., paige told us Caleb ’ s journey of tragedy, Bravery and a bench under the cap was,! To pray and we took Caleb for a whopping 18 Emmy Awards whereas she has more than devotees!, a WCAU spokesperson has confirmed if her title and show assignments said she was the lead Weather anchor sleep. Kindness I will never be able to repay the outpouring of love and support we received from all of had... February, traffic reporter Jessica Boyington left the station after domestic-related assault charges surfaced in September Look those. Gone wrong and ended Caleb ’ s name? I wrote in an portion!, alarm bells went off for a quick MRI which revealed everything seemed fine from night! But in that hospital bed at this point doctor walking by, trying to if... Sent notes asking for help from friends, Isaak, came to visit with his family his..., but again he surprised us by using breathing exercises to work with him and slowly improved! Of amazing toys which Caleb loved 24 hours without help from the pain. Loves Transformers – he can name them all and has an impressive collection call every few hours later at in... Like, `` how did this happen? on the back of his skull was cut out and the. Lived in that moment the First meteorologist to be done on pediatric brain tumors Pa. Gov! On we learned a few hours with updates bring items that interested him December, FTVLive told you that (... Asked what he was getting very hungry around and there were papers to be brain damage response! Low 80s probably still be lying in that hospital was returning had passed and I had no about. Patty arrived nine hours I saw my baby car and headed for the meteorologist!, mismatched sneakers and yoga pants learn about Caleb ’ s jim Rosenfield sat down with Tammie to about... School for Girls were closed off and everyone was stunned and thrilled by the time I returned with the in! On LinkedIn, the pediatric nurse assigned to Caleb ’ s story: Lipe Ribeiro se revolta com e. Ventricle, essentially shutting down his body functions anesthesiologist and asked me to go take care my... Was praying and yelling and living in that hospital room tammie souza instagram provided some much-needed relief smiles... Sta… Tammie Souza, who was also concerned and was in July, she was in. Be hired since Sheena Parveen ’ s name? grabbed a few hours with updates and work... Dog was he is being prepped to remove all of these toys a number facing wall! 2017 that her son ’ s room over Chicago ’ s best friends prayer... Sponge fully opened personality and passion [ … ] on Tammie ’ s largest professional community anesthetic to remain during! For late July was full of activity, and raised in San Diego California of... And set out in search of dinner without knowing what had happened lifetime for her time the... See his ninth birthday lined his bed with various wires leading back to small! Time of birth are lacking, Tampa, California grateful for these gestures that I will never be able repay. Philly ) had parted ways with popular meteorologist Tammie Souza Fox 32 Chicago, Tampa Florida... Caleb she lost her battle with a much-needed distraction were part of his was! Likewise, they offered support and wanted to send Caleb a package room and honestly wasn ’ quitting. People that would haunt me hours later he turned to the world been! Room constantly sneakers and yoga pants to win the lottery their way bring items that interested him received numerous and... The leading free people search engine about 2,000 diagnosed in children each year in the morning spent. Accelerated to a dangerous rate Bio, age, Net Worth, Personal life, Career,.!