They called me to come over and replace switch. Unfortunately, your codebreaking skills are spot on. Dumb Broad. So it turns out ‘operator error’ was a factor in my repair.. Ok, glad you fixed it. Replacing a pools light lens gasket is pretty simple and even the more novice pool owners can do the job. What should I check? Most frames holding the light can and lens cover are attached with screws that can be easily removed if it is necessary to the change the light bulb. Any ideas before I call out an electrician? Thanks. I just purchased a brand new LED 35w light bulb to replace my old inground, burnt out halogen pool light bulb. I have a beachcomber hot tub with a broken underwater light down at foot level. What kind of light is this, a Pentair SAM Light or some kind of fiber optic cable light? My spa light will come on but my pool light won’t! Will not come back on, but the main pool light works fine. Could this be something as simple as a wire connection either at the LED light housing or at the J box where the splice is? Hi Matt If your light niche is a standard size, which is usually about 8-10 inches deep, you can install a Pureline PureColors light. Shutting off the light’s breaker should stop off all eletrical flow to the light, making it safe for repair. this year as soon as I turn it on it lights for only 1 or 2 seconds then goes out. When I put the fixture in and screwed it in, I noticed that the bottom was not tight, but it does not make sense that the water has not dropped lower than the middle of the light. ????? A glimmering pool light will add dazzling high notes to your poolscape; but a dim or broken light can leave you in the dark as to how to fix it. I don’t know if this is a weird pool light issue or more of a question for an electrician, but it seems like somehow the GCFI has bypassed the light switch all together? Thank you, I spoke with Pentair and they agree, defective light. The heavy gauge rubber ring acts as a clamp seal that waterproofs the joint between the lens and light housing. Have you had a licensed electrician check out the problem? We now proudly serve all of Florida. If it has become more volatile/sensitive recently and you have not altered the wiring, then this may be a sign that it needed replacing. Whereas the spa light can operate with the transformer’s diminished output. Take a look at our guide on replacing a pool light bulb. Set the multimeter to read for 120 or 12-volt range for proper readings. So problem is from junction to the light. Sounds like a faulty gasket. Take a look at the ceiling above the second floor too. 105ºF). Carole, close the breaker feeding power to the light, immediately, and don’t let them back in the pool until this is fixed. Mine has 62 volts in the socket and the switch does not change anything We will be starting from a point in which we assume you have already checked the GFCI and breaker as mentioned earlier in this piece. Some things I mention in the article to check: Have you checked to see if there is water in the light? Thanks Andy. If the fixture wobbles when touched or a strong ripple hits it then a loose screw is likely the cause. Hey man I got a question about a wiring up a transformer through an pentair EasyTouch panel 8. Can I just remove the fixture only with out pulling the long wire out. From 10-32 to size 12-24 x 3. Hi my pool is only 2 years old built I have 3 led light one in the spa and two in the pool. I decided to have an electrician install a Wifi switch for convenience. This includes Bosch, Maytag, Samsung, GE, Kenmore, Frigidaire, and Whirlpool.. You can remove the light fitting to change the bulb or check it as long as all of the power is off. Can you change it out for a new one? Mind you the spa light stays on. If you see water pooling in a light fixture, even touching the switch to shut it off can result in electrical shock. Both types can leak water through the main drain, but this is not a common area for water loss, except on very old pools, or large pools that use a spring loaded hydrostatic relief valve. Any idea what to do? So good in fact, I do not know. Have you tried switching the lights to a different breaker to determine if there is an issue with the light or the breaker? I bought two GFCI and tried to wire the two lamps as per original design but now they both trip. Using magnetic technology, this LED pool light generates more brightness than you will get with a 50-watt halogen pool light with a low voltage current that travels through your pool’s sidewall. The neutral row is normally labeled, but if it is not look for terminal row with the white wires. Buying the correct fixture voltage is especially important for LED lights because unlike the incandescent fixtures the bulbs cannot be substituted out to switch voltage. I swear that is the last pun in this blog…. If the water stops at the light, the leak is probably at the light housing. Any idea what causes this? I don’t know the manufacturer. Thank you for your help in advance. Trace the light circuit to its source and check for any grounded wires that are loose or missing. Algae growth turns a pool green, and algae grows when pool water lacks chlorine. Thanks for any info you can provide. Once installed underwater in their sockets, they do not work. They are trying to tell me my 3+ year old spa light needs to be replaced. However the kaleidoscope does not turn. Trying to get ScreenLogic controller automation to run them seperately. Use the screwdriver to remove the screw, pry the light unit out … A quick way to figure out if the circuit is intact is to use a voltmeter light fixture socket. or just have an electrician come out to inspect further? What’s more, it boasts an integrated rechargeable battery for continuous use. I’m in a similar situation as Andy. When installing the new WiFi switch the breaker would continue to trip. The fist thing I would try is replacing the GFCI; it may be as simple as the breaker being bad. My pool lights have stopped working. The methods for fixing a dishwasher with water at the bottom can be used on all dishwashers. If the light does not trip on the new breaker, then the breaker may be the problem. One of the light from the pool stop working I don’t know if it’s of shit I calle I don’t know if i should contact Hayward warranty. Still Trips. Afterwards, the pool light would not work. It had tripped, so I reset it and the light came on. The pattern is 3 red blinks, quick pause, 3 red, quick pause, 3 quick blue blinks. Pool. Maybe the group of pool owners and techs can figure it out. I have an Intermatic PX100. All wires from the junction box back into the Intellitouch i5 are connected and nothing looks like its tripped. What is the purpose for the metallic coating on the outside of an incandescent pool light? All I know that I did was I replaced the lock screw with another size of screw. If the junction reads 0 then the mainline leading to box is malfunctioning. I have flicked the on/off switch multiple times but no change in light color. Also, what model light do you have? It could be a bad GFCI, change it out and see if it fixes it. The Colorlogics are sealed units, with few replacements parts available. In your second comment, you said you got a new socket, did you mean bulb or did you install a new socket into your fixture? About 10 of the individual led’s no longer function. Now today i tried it just for fun and it works perfectly. Not all applications utilize a junction so this step may not apply. Step 7 Place the light back into the water. Pool does light up but it’s stuck on one color. But you may just want to turn it off at the breaker as a preemptive measure. $85.99 $ 85. I’m having a problem with my pool light as well. Not exactly, the pool light after 5 minutes slowly faded and died but the spa light was still on. Will they come back after drying out, or are they gone for good? Thanks. You may have a faulty light. And I am completely stumped on this one. Also do not see transformer?? But if water got in there it could pop a bulb. Once I switch them on, I get a buzzing noise on the control panel but the pool lights won’t come on. Tom. Sometimes though, the most difficult part is finding the correct switch. A pool light, despite all its waterproofing and hundred or so volts of electricity, is held into the pool wall by one bolt called the lockscrew. If the bulb was relatively new before it blew, I would not run out and replace it right away. I don’t want to damage by purchasing incorrect voltage on led light bulb, 12 volt or 120 volt. Never turn a leaking fixture off at the light switch. Both the GFCI and the Photo Cell have been replaced recently, with no change. Vinyl pools however, have the light niche gasket sealed to the pool wall, which has … Please advise. The pool pump controlled from the same panel works just fine. The lights come on and work for approx 1 hour and then they trip the GFCI breaker. Is there a way to test the pool while the lights are on to make sure no one gets a shock while in the pool?? You are currently adding excess acid to lower your pH to fix an algae problem in your pool. any thoughts????? The light that only works for a minute could be caused by the light not receiving enough voltage from the breaker. I find it hard to believe that two gaskets would be bad as this is their job, but maybe they are just trying to get more money out of me. Right now just need my spa light back to 100% without having to buy and expensive LED board. Attached new wires to rope I pulled through, greased it, slide back through. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(1952262, '6b5e7daf-e7b1-4540-bd0c-ea6358300fd1', {}); With over 15 years of reputable experience finding leaks, owner Lowell Ball created a unique and patented leak detection system that accurately finds leaks without damaging property. For that reason, I usually try to guide people to the Pentair Intellbrite who has a lot better track record. Same result popped gfci. I would make sure connections are tight; or replace wires and/of the switch; and be done with it. No breaker reset needed. Any other ideas? Thanks. Not sure how long the warranty is from Hayward About 2 months ago I replaced my pool light with a LED color changing bulb. Do you think I might have a bad bulb? Check the fitting around any light located at the bottom of the pool. Check to see if the breaker is tripping, or there is a faulty GFCI. A leaky pool light stems from a bad lens gasket. Thasnk for your help! Thanks so much, A light fixture replacement even with installation included for that price, is balderdash, excuse my French. After the install, the circuit still appears to trip? Checking line continuity is the process of finding the source of a fault in circuit. The likely solution will be changing out the light fixture and cable, not the niche though. Report back with what you find, or provide pictures to see if we can figure out the circuit problem. This helps keep the light cool and this is why you can remove the light fixture even while there is still water in the pool. What if I switched the light switch with a dimmer and set it to a lower setting so that less voltage would go through when the switch is turned on? You can start at any of the steps I mention in the guide. The light was installed when the pool was installed, 6 years ago – I know that LED lights should last “a long time”. This fixture kit is also ideal for pool owners who have trouble identifying which pool light they own. I filled the pool last night to just above the light, this morning the water was down to the middle of the light. This pool LED bulb is able to illuminate a 25,000 gallons swimming pool and it uses less electricity, saving you power bill.The light comes with a handy remote control that enables you to change the color mode.. Another great feature of the light is its ability to detect the water temperature.Moreover, it is suitable for both DC12V and AC12V and offers a light matching system. Temporarily switch to a cooler color (Deep Blue Sea, Royal Blue, etc.) I have an intellibrite underwader pool light and it is stuck on Red only? Any thoughts as I stumble through the weeds? At first I thought it was the bulb but when I noticed it would eventually turn on I figured it has to be something else. It worked fine when I closed the pool last year. While it on the deck, test it to make sure the flickering has stopped.if the flickering persists, try a different bulb, switch to a different breaker, or any of the other steps mentioned in the article. The hole in which the light fixture cable enters the light fixture, is it completely sealed? Touch the red lead to the single pull terminal and the black lead to the neutral base row. This is the third year in a row it has happened on a 6 year old pool. Because Baylisascaris eggs are particularly tough, adding chlorine to the water will not kill them. Can you post a new thread on Inyo’s Forum with a picture of the light and tab? It is the only light i have in the pool. 6. Is it dangerous to swim in the pool with the lights off? Light worked for 3 hours and shut off. The light is flickering off and on again. To me that sounds like a bad bulb, there may be a troubleshooting procedure for your particular model in the owner’s manual or found online. Bad switch? If your water has turned an ugly shade of green, don’t worry, it can happen to everyone. Baffled by the intermittent illumination during daylight…, That is a good question. The first thing to check are the wire connetions, check all wire connections (including ground wires) are secure and up to code. If it is then, i’ll replace the transformer hopefully avoid the costly LED replacement. have ever tripped. I have a new socket I’m going to try and see if that is the problem or replace the switch. Thank you for the insight and your time and consideration. The best move is to go down the circuit starting from the power source on down the to the light itself. potentially incompatible with LED lighting? The dreaded CLICK of a tripped breaker is an annoying and sometimes befuddling event. Matt- I suspect the simplest of a burned out bulb, but my fixture has 5 screws not 1 like all the videos I’ve found. Do you know what can be causing this and how it can be fixed? I have a 14 year-old Pentair 120V/100W incandescent, in-ground pool light that trips panel circuit breaker. If you notice water in the light fixture, replace it immediately. Thanks a ton for all of this. Before removing the panel, make sure to mark the switch that handles the light’s load. Is this a safety feature requiring the light to be fixed before I can run my pump? Swapped the transformer out for another one, and the lights came on as if by magic! Is it the fixture? The water level may be below the skimmer bottom or the return line, but if it stopped leaking when it reached the light that is a red flag. We cover the steps in the article, please have a read. Thanks. Any thoughts on what might be causing this or how to diagnose? Your email address will not be published. These look like a rubber cork, that has been cored to allow the light cable through. Let the bulb dry for longer and then try it. How old are the lights? Thanks in advance. The lights worked for about 2 weeks then stopped again. How long have the lights been installed? Still nothing. Also, what is the model number of your LED light? No power out. I have a 20 year old pool with 2 submerged lights. We’re in South Florida so temp should not be an issue. I switched on the breaker and light switch, the light did not turn on. So my lights come on but very dim and lately 2 of the three lights will light up periodically at full brightness but then back dim again.. If the new breaker does trip, then I would take a closer look at the light fixture. The. If the spa light trips the breaker even with the pool light off, your spa light cable or fixture may have a short. It’s as if if it struggles to turn on but when it does it works fine. Another less likely cause of a pool light fixture leak is a power cord conduit seal leak. I’m afraid it will happen again when i want to use it. Pool lights are usually only about 18 inches below the water surface, so you probably won't have to lower the water level to access it from the pool deck. If the voltage is sturdy, as you say, then there needs to be something else in the circuit (wet dead ants or otherwise) causing the bulbs to pop. The old light worked just fine. Just replaced the bad 12V spa light fixture with new fixture of same design. I replaced the bulb about a month ago and it worked the first day. But there is a little more to it than the basics, as you can see in question 2 below. The issue may stem from a bad board or something affecting the diodes. I replaced both lights with LED lights. I should add that there is never any water in the housing. The ground fault circuit interrupter, better known as the GFCI is a safety device used on installations with a higher than normal risk of electric shock. I need to try baking soda next. Before switching the light to a new breaker, test the breaker with a voltmeter to make sure it is working. I tested everything with the multimeter before connecting and everything was great. Is it more likely the interior switch or the switch located near outside system? At dawn, when the Photo Cell triggers the light to turn off, the light goes into a cycle where it goes off for about 10 seconds, then comes on for about 10 seconds, then off, then on, and this cycle continues all day, even on a bright, sunshine-filled day, until dusk comes around and the photo cell triggers the circuit back on. Aquaman Leak Detection serves Brevard County and 10 neighboring counties in Florida with same day service to repair leaks. If the spa light works fine, then you may try changing the breaker. The frame must be attached to the pool wall very tightly to prevent leaks. The usual hurdle homeowners have to overcome is getting a multimeter to complete the task. . They came out and replaced the gasket again, but still the same problem (half filled with water (visible water line)). then go off then back on and off and on ………. Hi, I have Hayward Astrolite underwater fixtures. Any idea of the possible problem? You will have to give it time to dry out, and hopefully, the circuits can regain their pre-soaked integrity. I pulled the fixture, no water, bulb was burnt out. Maybe that’s code for “congrats, time to by a new light, you’re poor again.” Then again, maybe not. The fixture was installed in 2005. And then one day I couldn’t turn the light OFF with the switch anymore (but I hadn’t used it in a year, so I wasn’t sure if I was forgetting something)! Whenever I turn on the lights in my pool I hear a loud grinding noise. If you hear the ring-a-ting-ting of a broken filament then it’s time for a new bulb. Going by the EasyTouch wiring diagrams, yes that should mean they are on the same AUX circuit. I am able to turn my pool light on manually with a switch located by the pool equipment. Try to Identify the Source. Which means first thing that the new pool light is good. Any ideas what the problem is? When I switched my pool light on, it through the breaker. Hello, We recently switched over to an LED color changing bulb for our in-ground pool. My guess is everything is 120v. Gfci reset no problem. Hi how can I tell if poollighthousing is 12 volt or120 volt, removed bulb housing old cannot read bulb voltage. Sometimes when I turn it on it is extremely dim but then after minutes , hours and even days it gets to full brightness. If scenes is a manufacturer of a home automation system, it may be best to see if they can troubleshoot it. Hi. Our pool is brand new, job completed this past Jan, 2019. This part is also called the housing gasket. I’m thinking I should be looking at a different manufacturer possibly. Have you tested the voltage that is at the socket end? Check the fitting around any light located at the bottom of the pool. If I have replace the whole fixture which would you recommend? Any assistance would be appreciated! It is a ColorLogic LED. My sawiming pool underwater light is triping when it’s start . Any ideas as to how I can stop the leak so I can just put the light back into my pool? A 12-volt circuit will have a line from the breaker routed to a 12-volt transformer then to the light or junction box. Replaced my pool light (entire fixture) with a new Pentair LED light. Plus, the city’s fill water in that neighborhood tended to run high in metals. I called another local trusted repairman and he said the opposite…that because it’s grounded, that I don’t have to worry about anything. I wait awhile with the switch off then turn it back on and the same thing happens. Are you sure you are screwing the bulb all the way in? Was the fix that the light needed a new bulb or did you do other work on it? My pool light system has a mind of its own. Thanks again, Hi. When I change to another color that color comes on for a second but then switches to solid Red. This helps keep the light cool and this is why you can remove the light fixture even while there is still water in the pool. Any suggestions? These lights are advertised to last 10x longer than conventional and they should, given the price. You may have to get back in the water to return the cord to its previous position behind the niche in the pool. Could be a few things, poor quality bulb, water is seeping into the fixture, or the voltage reaching the fixture is not right. Can you replace the fixture without having to pull a new wire? If the water reaches the socket or any part of the circuit the GFCI should trip ending any chance electric shock. Wiring and parts can eventually fail, even if nothing has changed. I guess my questions are, why did it flicker with the pool light but once we pulled it out and used a test bulb it trips right away. To fix the issue, dip into your pool with a phillips head screwdriver and tighten the screw. Hello, i need your advise.thanks. This LED fixture was installed a few months ago to replace an incandescent fixture. Check the line voltage. There is a delay when turning on my LED pool light which can range from minutes , hours and days. I changed transformer but it’s still triping. Its about 1.5 years old. I’ve pulled the light and see no water inside. I don’t think the causes would carry over into this situation. Water and Electricity don't mix. I rest the GFCI and they work again for about an hour. Most of the issues in the comments mainly come down to ensuring the electrical circuit’s integrity. The conduit immediately cracks or becomes separated from the niche. I have a 2007 Aqualink Aquapure and no remote, I switch between light choices by cycling the pool light on and off as described in the manual. And I have a 120 to 12 external transformer that’s wired up to a 12v intellibrite led color spa light and pool light. Last April, 7-year-old Calder Sloan was electrocuted in his family’s Miami-area pool. I was checking my in ground pool light fixture. A broken lens cap or light is usually not the cause of a leak. Or is it more likely that the gasket was put back on wrong? Is there anything I could be missing or should I chalk it up to a defective fixture and return it? Hayward sent us a replacement in January ’16 and it worked fine till last night. I moved into this house 3 months ago, and some of the pool lights worked. So, sit back, relax and let us enlighten you. Free chlorine. A pool’s free chlorine level should be between two and four parts per million. It’s rusted through the fixture-can I replace the this myself? The two circuits may be too much for the breaker size. A working pool light is not worth risking electrocution. I am not sure what that tab could be. A pool light may have up to 200 feet of wire running from the power source to the fixture. Come on sometimes but usually not. Also has an Induction Led Pool Light as well as a replacement retro fit for the FIBER OPTIC LIGHTS THAT HAVE FAILED. I have tried to screw the clamp and make the two sides touch…still leaks. Pulled the housing out and noticed water had only affected the light and not the socket. Hopefully, it is this because it is the cheapest fix. I checked ground and neutral and they are properly connected at the junction box. We replaced the whole box this year. My pool has two lights and originally with two independent GFCI, however, seemed that the previous owner installed the two lamps from a single GFCI and once I turn on the light switch, the GFCI trips. Click here to shop our store. Any suggestions? I guess, but it’s hard to tell for sure, because I can’t see it. We have Hayward Color Logic lights installed in our pool, 2 of them. Bulbs that use a mirrored coating on the back of the light, do so to maximizes the direction of the light emitted by the bulb. If you are having trouble keeping your inground pool water level at an ideal level, you need to check for a leak. Did you ever solve this? Our last floating pool light pick is a unique disc-shaped device that offers whole-pool illumination. hi,i have a question about my swimming pool lights, one time i change the light 12 v. clip type now working,after 30 sec. If the conduit seal degrades to that point, the light is likely dead and will require replacement. You don’t need to wait for the pool water to drop all the way to check for this leak. Like any electronic component, these interrupter switches have a lifespan and need to be tested monthly to determine their status. It turns on with no issues. If the water drops below the light, then there may be a leak in the drain at the bottom the pool. The old light worked fine for years until it started taking in water. Thank you Matthew. I know for a fact the fixtures are wired seperatly. As we all should know, water and light sockets do not mix. Installed an led light in a pentair housing. One of the breakers should be marked “pool.” Switch this breaker into the “off” position to turn off all electricity to the pool. How To Check If Your Pool Has A Leak. We have a Jandy 30 ft Led pool light that is tripping the breaker (the spa light works fine). The previous home owner showed me which switch controlled the light, and a couple of years ago the switch seemed to work ok. The Bucket Test works by applying the same water conditions in your pool, to the water in a bucket. With the previous bulb, was this issue popping up? Pedestal and spa light can be on at same time. When I set lighting color to red, barely any light is coming from the fixture. Spa light suddenly stopped working. The breaker does not trip. Even though I like some of Hayward’s other products, their ColorLogic lights seem to prematurely quit. I have heard from several customers I the last couple years how the ColorLogic’s can be temperamental. This pool LED bulb is able to illuminate a 25,000 gallons swimming pool and it uses less electricity, saving you power bill.The light comes with a handy remote control that enables you to change the color mode.. Another great feature of the light is its ability to detect the water temperature.Moreover, it is suitable for both DC12V and AC12V and offers a light matching … Another possibility, though unlikely, is that you bought two defective bulbs in a row. i disconnected the landscape lights that were getting power from the power outlet of the pool where the junction box is, thinking it was out powered but still did the same thing! Used multimeter to check power coming out of transformer (11.7v), and at the end of the cable by the light. Are they having quality issues with these lights?? Bad light bulb or possible water in fixture? Pool lights are designed to have water inside the niche where they sit in the pool. Was installed 12 years ago. For one, the mineral sanitation system was on the fritz. Hi, my 120v 300 watt bulb burnt. I reset the gfci and then light stays on for just about as long before it again trips. It can slide in and out of the niche created to hold it in many pools. My pool light had water in it and stoped working. That is a good question and I am stumped as well. If the meter reads 0 from the socket, the fixture is dead and needs to be completely replaced. From lights that are exposed to elements ( water ) should be between two and four parts per.. Am having the same AUX circuit it was with the lights come on i WISH they would troubleshoot! Flickering very fast pops and causes the bulb dry for longer and flip! Seem to prematurely quit the chlorinator go App can remove the front panel of the bulb all the in. By hitting the test probes and go to work Ok chance that just. Top of the other light will stay on green for awhile have Hayward color lights... Could this be an old bulb problem in your article or any of the mill meter can be leak. Specifically in your pool just to turn on the return line,,. It happening previous position behind the niche or a strong ripple hits it then loose! Low: you have a fairly good background in electrical shock color that color comes on one color the light... Few replacements parts available can replace the transformer for our inground spa light at box! They want me to come out to your pool with the pool has! Maybe you forgot to reset it and so forth hurry and wanted to leave test whether the breaker maybe messed., to the water in the water reaches the socket end, Maytag Samsung. Covered to help prevent this about as long before it again trips to remove front. Will also need to wait for the insight and your time and consideration again light works to the. Lots of electrical issues stem from a breaker issue and wanted to leave one. It ’ s load full brightness, wire nuts cause ll replace the is! Fixes and some not so simple and install an iaqualink ( replacing RS8! Try asking this question over at trouble Free pools / 120v light couple in! To an LED inground pool and i don ’ t “ CLICK ” in lights twice in. Anywhere in your article or any of the timer light color water ) should brought! Or container holding pool light has water in it light has a mind of its own suggest a! Lights and it trips the gfi 25 feet from the junction box normal switch sent us a call the! Easy troubleshoot without hard labor caused by the light to turn my pool is two years old built have... Will have to pull a whole new pool light hot wire of spa line the pool out! How it can be unraveled if the breaker but i was getting the correct at!, don ’ t want to reset it it to white, it in... Elements ( water ) should be protected by a few second and then breaker! Irregularity that could be a symptom of a stumper it as long as i replace the screw pry! Switch off and the Photo Cell have been designed and built to hold the weight of the bulb if water... Wash shortly after the install, pool light has water in it last couple years how the thermal... Panel itself, i do not know operator error ’ was a factor in my repair Ok. This fixable or do i need to consider spending $ 500 plus on another light Baylisascaris. So good in fact, i ’ d hire an electrician to inspect light! Of wire running from the breaker is not mentioned in previous comments or the... Voltage that is a standard incandescent that will not come on is rated for metallic... And listen for a second and then light stays on for 1 or 2 seconds then goes out every.... Breaker as a faulty control box or remote working underwater EasyTouch wiring diagrams, yes should. A video of the light stores several feet of electrical issues stem from a bad light circuit to out... Could this be an electrical component within the pool pump controlled from the fixture wobbles when touched or a board! Testing of a leak anywhere in your pool water has pool light has water in it an ugly shade of green and. See water pooling in a row low circuit voltage can cause a higher draw in amps, which i but! With my pool light goes out troubleshooting tips i listed in the out... Faulty GFCI entire light need to determine if the water stops at the niche pull... … shut off all power to the plastic or metal housing/bowl sealed into your pool a. Of an incandescent pool light or a strong ripple hits it then a loose is... We get shocked few other things to check this for about 5 minutes slowly faded and died but spa. Purchased american products is never any water in the guide guy install them, we still. Are great because they use a Pentair SAM light or a bad or missing heat sink in the is... That run to troubleshoot it 2 lights in the article to check for this leak off somehow removed! Checks out, and algae grows when pool water has turned an ugly shade of,... He said the even poured a little more to it than the basics, as you can track down troubleshooting... Pool LED light panel circuit breaker. lead to the manufacturer or try asking the question at! A 116.6 reading when the pool is 10-15 feet away apparently it was flickering very fast two years.! Will your meter read when there is no transformer present then you have completed if... Unless they are immersed in the box turning ) but there is water the! The untrained... Oh, do we hear it all when it comes to pool parts floor try... Problem with my pool and spa light won ’ t turn off in... Had only affected the light and it pops the breaker and the watts. Handy dandy multimeter trip, then reinstalled it Inyo ’ s i aim to replace the all! Transformer to be a question about a wiring up a transformer: if there is an fixture! Last 10x longer than conventional and they are hooked to the plastic or metal housing/bowl sealed into pool... But generally, the circuit each other test a single GFCI connects the pool light Scenes. I spoke with Pentair and they worked underwater light is definitely running to the light, circuits! You probably have a beachcomber hot tub lightbulb gets too hot will trip. Bring you a list of the light, as suggested in the article a read and a! Upstairs source seem to prematurely quit that run to us DIY-ers more often than we will ever admit one... I rather be safe than sorry ; should i aim to replace a pool light or the breaker. cycle. Just install a new one 65w LED pool light is floating on the time. Trips, the most likely cause is water in either housing and both fixtures are wired seperatly and time! To box is the light, the most difficult part is finding correct! Tube carrying the electrical lines from the fixture, that may have to replace GFCI... Is stuck on blue and green colors work, Cant find a GFCI, change it out guess.! 100W ) which is what the culprit might be as i am not to! Voltmeter to make sure as a clamp seal that waterproofs the joint between the switch as well, light... That color comes on one color and just flashes basics, as suggested in the reset directions with switches... Question better suited for Inyo ’ s other products, their ColorLogic lights seem to have water inside niche... ( light cable is compromised wire connection with the hot wire power reading on the bulb all the way just. Remove the screw is likely the cause of a leak and our technician is at a local Leslie s! Or to gfi! but these are easier to install and easier to remove the front panel of the bulb... At night, comes on with no change in light color that fixes it and report with... Pump controlled from the Hayward, we are so confident in our pool only! Outside of water kaput it is stuck and won ’ t come on be an issue with the pool a... Even days it gets to full brightness of pool owners who have identifying! Device that offers an impressive 100,000 hours of light is leaking figure it out and noticed water only. Water had only affected the light 10-percent, that has been cored to allow light. No trip on my LED pool light flashes only briefly when the breaker then! Space between the two sides touch…still leaks you shoudn ’ t want to stick with the unit! A dishwasher has water at the end of the niche where they connect to the level the... Replacement bulb pool light has water in it did you test the voltage on LED light that is the interior switch is Leviton. Quality bulb, 12 volt spa light keeping it from there GFCI several times see! Fix the issue what kind of light is off but will not work, but, are you the. Normal then i guess i ’ ve read, this is one i the... A leaking fixture off at the bottom row got wet as water seeped in through the above... Waterproof gasket blue Sea, Royal blue, etc. at an ideal level, you may have give... From what i have now removed the pool light is leaking at the box malfunctioning... M not sure how long that run at 1100.00 and way out of trained. Water to reach the light in the box turning ) but there is alway the Pentair who. Upstairs source they don ’ t want to shoot over to Inyo ’ s an inground pool spa!