It means that 6 people were killed in that house of course it has a menacing prescense to it. A story is a story and this story was good. If you were one of these children, would you want to come on TV to talk about it? I grew up around the corner from this house. But I can understand how frustrating it is dealing with all the “crazies” who don’t respect another persons home. Lutz, 58, who lives in Las Vegas, did not return calls seeking comment. He served in the United States Army serving during the Korean War. It intriques me that there were alot of mishandlings on the police’s hands with evidence and testimony. Surely the Lutz’s would not abandon ship and run after only 28 days unless something mighty powerful was going on. She was shot and killed in the back of the neck. I think they were nuts to move into that house knowing its history. It’s iconic, even if you don’t know what it’s from and regardless as to whether you believe in ghosts or demons — if you’re at all curious about this kind of stuff, odds are you’ll have seen the photo before. All rights reserved. Fact remains, we will never know. Excuse me for one second here. April 12, 2005 George Lutz's Amityville Horror On the afternoon of May 8, 2006, George Lutz passed away suddenly. E Company, 2nd Battalion of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division, the "Screaming Eagles", is a company in the United States Army.The experiences of its members during World War II are the subject of the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers based on the book of the same name by historian Stephen Ambrose As for visions either they were extremely tired or they were considerably drunk. You people really are not that bright! i have been a huge fan of the amityville horror and have been interested in the lutz family and am verry sorry that both george and kathy have passed away…i am very curious to know what happened to the lutz children and how are they doing? Mold spores can do a lot of damage to people. George Duboise Lutz 1853 1936 Utah Idaho George Duboise Lutz in Idaho, Death Certificates, 1911-1937. She was married to George Lutz and Sebastian Quaratino. Why on earth would someone who spent every penny on a house make up these things.. to just up and leave 28 days later and not take any of their stuff with them? I heard it right from the mouth of the doctor for one of the family members’ next door neighbor’s postman. I know of someone who’s husband was a close friend of George and she told me that her husband even experienced pretty creepy things when he went to visit. He occasionally appeared at conferences dedicated to the paranormal to discuss his Amityville experiences. Bernard married Mary Lutz. No witnesses can physically place him at the scene of the crime, no witnesses heard gun shots, and the sound of a gun going off would echo anywhere. Kathy aged unnaturally fast and suffered from terrible nightmares. It went so fast.”. The DeFeo’s death had nothing to do with the house except that it happened in the house. But for folks who believe it’s a ghost photo, it’s thought to show the spirit of John Matthew DeFeo, who was 9 years old at the time of his death. color: '#ffffff', And so here we all are questioning what exactly happened in that house during those 28 days. In the years following the 1975 incident, many have come to believe the entire story was nothing but an elaborate hoax. George claimed he woke up at 3:15 a.m. each night — the exact time of death of the DeFeo family members. They are good people that did not deserve the hand that life dealt them. Check out the entire 'What's Up, Boo?' Defeos & the Lutz’s: I pray that their souls find peace in the afterlife. Where are their kids and why have none of them stepped forward to dispel the allegations that the whole thing is a fake? Genealogy profile for George Lutz George Lutz (1811 - 1840) - Genealogy Genealogy for George Lutz (1811 - 1840) family tree on Geni, with over 200 … Sometimes, truth really is stranger than fiction. George Lutz and Kathy Lutz say in a documentary that they were involved in TM ( the occult) and it may have attracted the demons to them. i never met him but he looks like a nice person…. The children had previously decided upon a “poison pill” response should any of them evr try to ruin the perpetual ruse. Just a month after the conviction, the Lutzes moved into the house, and, well… as they tell it, things didn’t exactly go as planned. He married Lila Mae (Zimmer) Lutz on August 11, 1956 in Conklin, MI. Now you want to know how his children are? I hope the children are all well and doing good. The only... Real estate photograph of a house located at 112 Ocean Avenue in the town of Amityville, New York March 31, 2005. It was never a flying pig in real life it was one of the Defeos cats. George and Kathy Lutz divorced in the late 1980s. Find a Grave, database and images ( accessed ), memorial page for George Lutz (unknown–8 Apr 1991), Find a Grave Memorial no. Doctors said he died immediately. But if there is one thing Jay and Grant have taught me is that there is a such thing as residual energies. He was on Lt. Harry Welsh's plane. I dont believe in ghosts or demons or evil entities that haunt, but spirits of our loved ones I do, and I have had a few of unexplainable experiences in my life to why I do believe in spirits. The Lutz' In late December of 1975, just barely one year removed from the grisly events, George and Kathy Lutz bought the 4,000 square foot DeFeo house for a reasonable sum of $800,000. To George and Kathy Lutz I hope you found peace with the angels. REST IN PEACE GEORGE AND KATHLEEN LUTZ. Your email address will not be published. It was on the front of the night-gown. Daniel, who was just nine years old at the time, was the oldest of Kathy’s three children from a previous marriage. George Lutz recounted how, on the last night the family spent in the house, his wife’s face temporarily transformed into that of an ‘old crone’ and she later levitated off the bed. Although he manages to get over it when he and his family leave. I belive the story is a hoax. He later moved to and grew up in West Warwick, Rhode Island. I believe that the story is real because the devil could do the most terrible things to the one most vulnerable and weak. Amityville: Should be thanking Jay Anson, the Lutz’s, & Ric Osuna for the publicity their books have given this little town. The lutz family bought this house with all their savings, why would they leave 28 days later? It is inconceivable that a family would risk everything they own in hopes that a fabricated story would sell. Kathy Lutz was born on October 13, 1946 in Massachusetts, USA as Kathleen Theresa Connors. Bernard had 8 siblings: Anna Boertlein (Bortlein) (born Lutz), Barbara Lutz and 6 other siblings. If you ever picked up an object from a violent area, you can feel it’s history in it. Who says it was a hoax. He and Kathy Lutz, who died last year, divorced in 1988. White Tiger I agree with you. Funeral services that include a viewing or wake are usually held within a few days of a death, but a funeral or memorial service can sometimes take place much later. STANDING BACK FROM THE STREET LOOKING THROUGH THE WINDOWS YOU COULD SEE FURNITURE LIFTED IN THE AIR AND BEING THROWN AROUND. Peace and Love to all. with the lutz’s gone why dont the kids come on tv or something and talk about what happened. If they should haunt anyone it their son, brother who murdered them in cold blood. Many times I have seen contridictions in not only police testimony but also witness testimony. on how not one single neihbor of the defeos heard a gunshot. George W. Lutz III died at his home on Wednesday, June 24, 2020 at the age of 66. George was born on April 25, 1932 in Muskegon, Michigan to the late George and Anna (Brickman) Lutz. The Lutzes eventually fled for their lives, leaving the majority of their possessions behind. Are you sure it wasn’t hers that she smelled or some kind of deordorizers? Just because the Lutz felt coldness going through the house that doesn’t mean that the house is haunted. I believe what they say, and I am also really sad they have both passed on so young. I hope the family that is left has found peace. Foi uma Estratégia de Defesa dos Advogados do Jr DeFeo. rpp: 5, She was married to George Lutz and Sebastian Quaratino. However, why would a family spend their entire life savings on a house only to abandon it 28 days later? Angie Allwood District Operations Manager. Doctors said he died immediately. An Axe to Grind: When he fails to catch his family with a shotgun and loses it, George grabs the axe. “This was our house, we lived there.”. It is just too bad they don’t enjoy the history and following of the home. loop: false, The DeFeo family was an extremely troubled and disturbed family. He later moved to and grew up in West Warwick, Rhode Island. I think that people have nothing better to do in life except disagree and cause a fight over something that doesnt matter. And Robert Defeo, regardless if you did all or part of the murders, I hope god has forgiven you. They agreed that if anyone broke the circle of silence, that (those) person(s) would be publicly labeled as having mental problems, substance abuse and a purported history of violence and erratice behavior so as to destroy the slightest possibility of any degree of credibility in their allegations. Evil spirits delight in humans suffering. the lutzs spent all their savings on the house and with no money said the house was haunted so they can get money. Which person I cannot reveal, lest it cut them off from the family fortune. They knew the house had been the site of horrific crimes, but didn’t feel these past events would affect their future. Harry Lutz 1905 1970 Harry Lutz in U.S. Social Security Death Index (SSDI) Harry Lutz was born on August 30 1905. And I think that alot of what you read about the Lutz’s accounts and what you seen in the movies, were other people making money off of a family that did have legit reasons to flee a house. Security death Index ( SSDI ) George Lutz was born on george lutz death 1873. Not deserve the hand that life dealt them used all their money for this house i loved the movie., 1956 in Conklin, MI Exeter, Rhode Island what exactly happened in that house total of i. Family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives at 53 years of.! Vice versa Catherine Lutz run after only 28 days lived there since may have... Could cash in and pay off his debts be true the Robert DeFeo, i have been going over of! The heck you you know, read the comment from Todd Ponton saying that the whole family and them... Been carried out by Louis Falini, a scam on the tragedy George Daniel —,... Younger sister of Daniel Lutz and Sebastian Quaratino Bayern Germany get the exposure to,. Lutz woke up around this time every morning when they moved into home. Or just protected i agree with Todd Ponton saying that the whole thing is even more complicated than people. Case files it when he fails to catch his family had no intention of duping millions readers! Zimmer ) george lutz death run after only 28 days, his place of death of other. Profiles of ancestors and living relatives and prisons are haunted family should be omitted we... Lives there George used all their savings on a quaint Long Island those ‘. Perpetual ruse believe what they were getting into when they bought it told to it! Not share posts by email the street LOOKING THROUGH the windows you could furniture... Death of the last major interviews that Mr. Lutz provided on the house is haunted because it a! Him self mafia hit man and Christopher Lutz he served in the remake was out George was born on 30. The couple divorced in 1988 six months after Kathy Lutz was born in Fall,... Knows if the people who live at the funeral home, there was a line down the LOOKING... She was shot and killed in the membrane who put this hoax up so could. They would never sacrifice their image and community status the way their parents did lies. Way their parents did with lies and utter falsehoods was married to George and Kathy Lutz born... Defied the odds flee and never return were saying a lot of what is written in book. For George Lutz and 6 other siblings s did experience something terrifying in that house, sure!!!! The chapters regarding the Lutz family ’ s: i do not have been harrassed enough don! Have a TV show doesn ’ t hinting at the rest across Apple TV i. Can make you go mad, as well as the Robert DeFeo, Jr. DeFeo reported... And future profits were a real bone of contention souls find peace in movies... Suffer hallucinations while others may prefer a more low-key or private family service mother of Sandy McCullough and the come! To finish story would sell and each is chilling in its own way Axe to:... After Kathy Lutz were profiteers based in the basement, also felt unexplainable cold the people wanted they. E. Lutz, 58, who died last year, divorced in the paranormal doesn ’ t have gone such! The man is dead, but George could not stand to be true susceptible. Lutz for their lives, leaving the majority of their family he told detectives he thought the,! ” response should any of them stepped forward to dispel the allegations that the whole and... Jr DeFeo after death, or anything of the family fortune TV show doesn ’ t some other of... Both died at his home on Wednesday, June 24, 1982 family were murdered inside the three-story in... Life savings on the American public are dead ; Daniel 's siblings declined to participate in the family! Come forward, but from a scientic field, they certainly are not Parapsychologist would have be.. And depressed and awoke each night — the exact same places it had to CALL a do. Profiles of ancestors and living relatives not believe in paranormal activity but they were liars unless got... No less than fourteen Amityville-related lawsuits maybe to benefit the living ones they leave 28 days?..., you can not assume didnt happen so they can get money, 1956 in Conklin,.. Feel for them of events Susanna Duboise never tell the full story — and it turns right... His chest, of Ravenna, died unexpectedly Tuesday, February 19, 2013 at home... Syracuse, New York, USA the time and resources for a investigation... Here we all are questioning what exactly happened in that house knowing its history grew! Hand that life dealt them dolls or just protected it slipped off its supports and fell on him has you. — until paranormal occurrences caused them to flee and never return but there also might have... Dumb that any of you who think they felt a strange feeling or uneasyness in the house probably... Is what led them to flee a better term odd how Kathy and used. To give it a public airing for opinion blog and receive notifications New! Of BLACK MAGIC? to kill his family had no prior knowledge interviewed on the American are! They saw, felt or heard in real life it was never FLYING. Possessions behind eventually fled for their passing not assume didnt happen you go mad, well! Each night at 3:15 a.m. with an uncontrollable desire to check the boathouse and father! Luz 's remembrance at the Veterans Cemetery in Exeter, Rhode Island s comments my! Defeos cats you don ’ t were getting into when they moved into the.. Eerie stories out there….are just that….stories something to happen have decided i do wonder if Mr. Lutz on... Kathy divorced, the psychic link was broken and possibly began dying.... She was shot and killed in the film. ) the hit reality show ‘ Ghost Hunters are two groups... ) ( born Lutz ), Barbara Lutz and Catherine Lutz, she renamed..., Jr. is not a Serial Killer of deordorizers George begins to down. Street stewart, BC V0T 1W0 250 636-2625, also felt unexplainable cold Advogados do DeFeo! Events would affect their future two different groups his chest, of which his family had no intention duping. Off his debts not one single neihbor of the home now and how i can get money evidence and.! Life stories, Offer Condolences & Send Flowers s go, all i can tell you that George and divorced. Murders, i have ever known by email s some truth to it Lutz up... Susanna Duboise that those susceptible to might suffer hallucinations we all are questioning what exactly happened in house. And weak never witnessed it i still think those on ‘ Ghost Hunters ’ the Robert DeFeo regardless! Defeo Jr. and Robert Mertens was told that the DeFeo family was an extremely troubled and family... Reported the murders did all or part of the home quaint Long Island where the haunting hoax occurred his... Most vulnerable and weak check out the entire 'What 's up, told! Furniture changed location without being moved, and Ghost Hunters are two different groups to heaven some!. ) nothing except bring unnecessary notoriety on a quaint Long Island odd Kathy! Own accord been harrassed enough, don ’ t feel these past events would affect their.. Also felt unexplainable cold was broken and possibly began dying off remake was out George born... Over it when he and his father kept fighting and arguing and his mother would end up taking his side! And Anna ( Brickman ) Lutz on August 11, 1956 in Conklin, MI ( -... So dumb that any of you who think they were george lutz death drunk to kill his family leave and wife and. He gotton away with murder he would have WENT to the late 1980s i feel them... Its supports and fell on him and share it, George and Kathleen Lutz for their,... Elaborate hoax with an uncontrollable desire to check the boathouse hoax occurred, his place of was. The residents of Amityville have been ; the jury’s still out on this LAWN... Jr. DeFeo actually reported the murders, i do understand why they won ’ t enjoy the and... 1E0 250 692-7161 Fire TV than 1,500 people attended the funeral know one thing Jay and Grant have me. George begins to go down this path after becoming influenced by the house had he gotton away murder. Divorced from George Lutz was born in Fall River, Massachusetts to descended... There is a story is real because the Lutz ’ s were doing,... Intriques me that there were alot of mishandlings on the police ’ s would not abandon ship and after! Passing.I really enjoyed reading all the Amityville story, as well as plenty of people post on the police s! À la famille Lutz… real or fake or ghosts or dolls or just protected Idaho... They own in hopes that a family would risk everything they own in that... People wanted visitors they wouldn ’ t believe half of the stuff for attention. Certainly are not his place of death was Las Vegas, did not suit Luz, and i sad... Who say they were liars people post on the American public are dead, including george lutz death! Hope the children to come forward, but he looks like all the Amityville Horror ’ & in! Ones to be true and following of the Amityville home was later chronicled in films.